Fight Fan Speculation Rife Over What Tyson Fury’s Upcoming “Massive, Massive News” Could Be

Heavyweight champ Tyson Fury is great at getting fans excited, interested, and earlier today, the WBC and lineal champ took to social media to announce how he has some “massive, massive news.” Fury teased how all will be revealed: “very, very soon.” No sooner had Fury uploaded his video was fan speculation on what his big news might be very much buzzing.

“We’ve got some massive news coming soon, some massive, massive news,” Fury said today. “I was just on the phone to the old MTK (management company), and we’ve got some massive news coming for you all. Very, very soon, so keep an eye out for it all.”

At any time, such a statement would get a fight fan curious, but right now, with no fights able to be scheduled much less announced due to the coronavirus forcing the complete postponement of all boxing, it’s harder than ever to think of what Fury is talking about. A third fight with Deontay Wilder? But how, where? A super-fight with Anthony Joshua? Again, how, where? A big battle to take place behind closed doors with no fans in attendance? Just what could Fury’s big news be?

Fury, as we all know, enjoys playing games with his opponent and with the fans sometimes, so who knows, maybe “The Gypsy King” is merely having yet another bit of fun. Having said that, Fury does look genuinely thrilled, excited even in the video. Let’s hope there really is some massive, massive news to come from the best heavyweight in the world.

A showdown between Fury and Joshua, for all the heavyweight titles, would be absolutely huge. Two British heavies, holding all the belts between them – this has never happened before (and maybe never will happen again). As Eddie Hearn said some time back, it would be an utter crying shame if this fight, this big opportunity, was not realized.

Have Fury and Joshua possibly come up with some sort of deal to fight? Let’s hope so.