Errol Spence Repeats – He Still Wants Crawford After Pacquiao

Errol Spence fully believes he will not only defeat Manny Pacquiao when the two welterweights engage in arguably the most fascinating fight that will actually go ahead this year but “The Truth” also feels he will retire the 42-year-old living legend in the process. Last night, the unbeaten Spence spoke with Brian Custer and he declared how he thinks Manny will “definitely retire” after they have fought it out, with Spence also saying he still very much wants that other big fight with Terence Crawford.

“I think he’ll definitely retire after this fight,” Spence, 27-(21) said. “I don’t know [if I’ll knock him out or stop Pacquiao], we’ll see. You’ll have to tune in and order. I definitely want that fight (with Crawford), and we’ve just got to make it happen. It’s for his guys and my guys to talk to each other and see if it can happen. If it can’t happen, I’ve got to move up.”

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While it would be exciting seeing Spence invade the 154-pound division, and fight either or both of Jermell Charlo and Brian Castano for two big fights at ’54, a Spence-Crawford fight is one we’ve been hoping for, and calling for, for many months. If he’s victorious over Pacquiao, and if Crawford wins his next fight (whoever it’s against, and whenever it takes place; “Bud” not having boxed since last year, precious amounts of his never-to-return prime seemingly being wasted), these two going at it for, as the saying goes, all the marbles, would be awesome.

But again, do both fighters really want it? If this was 1981, Spence and Crawford would be fighting, just as Sugar Ray Leonard and Thomas Hearns fought back then. That’s how special boxing was back then, when the best fought the best on a regular basis. Wouldn’t it be great if Spence and Crawford gave us all a magical reminder of how super-special the sport of boxing used to be and can still be?

A Spence-Crawford fight would do it. But first, Manny Pacquiao, arguably the last truly old-school, I’ll-fight-anyone fighter still plying his trade, plans on scoring the upset and beating Spence. Maybe, if he is successful, Pacquiao, 62-7-2(39) will move on and fight Crawford? This may be too much to ask for, however, even from as super-special a fighter as Pac Man is.

6 thoughts on “Errol Spence Repeats – He Still Wants Crawford After Pacquiao”

  1. That’s funny…Mr.Spence always talks about “Sparking” the lil’ guy….he had better watch himself…he might be the one who gets “Ignited!”🤯🥴😈😂

  2. Like Spence Jr last fight didn’t imperative again Danny Garcia. A lot Boxing fan sleeping on Manny Pacquiao because his age just number. I’m go with Young OG Pacquiao

  3. I like Errol. He is not conceited, he has a cool sense of humor. He is a poster child of boxing. And he is tight with my favorite boxers A.B. and Tank Davis. But Manny is another version of Castano. Who I heard knocked Spence down twice in amateurs. From what I seen with Charlo. Castano would give Spence big problems. The way Manny will. He never fought anyone of this calibre. There is no trashing talking hear. The fight will sell itself. Charlo trashed talked a mild manner Castano. And Jermell went home with his tail between his legs. Spence had nothing to say. Good or bad about that fight. He knows he is going to be in that same type of dog fight.

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