Errol Spence Jr vs. Danny Garcia PPV undercard press quotes

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Fighters competing on this Saturday’s FOX Sports PBC Pay-Per-View undercard faced off. They discussed their respective showdowns at a final press conference Thursday before they enter the ring in an event headlined by Errol Spence Jr. vs. Danny Garcia from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

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The pay-per-view begins at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT. It features super welterweight sensation Sebastian “The Towering Inferno” Fundora taking on former title challenger Habib Ahmed in a 154-pound title eliminator in the co-main event, all-action brawlers Josesito “The Riverside Rocky” Lopez and Francisco “Chia” Santana meeting in a 10-round welterweight match and Mexico’s Eduardo Ramirez and Texas contender Miguel Flores battling in a featherweight title eliminator to open the pay-per-view.

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Here is what the fighters had to say Thursday:


“I’m going to give everyone a great fight on Saturday. I’m not worried about the opponent’s change because we prepared for everything that we could see in the ring.

Errol Spence Jr vs. Danny Garcia PPV undercard press quotes

“We trained for everything, not just Jorge Cota. The switch in opponent is no problem. Ahmed is also an aggressive right-handed fighter.

“I don’t take breaks. You can’t take breaks in this sport. In a regular job, if you take too long of a break, you get fired. This is a normal job for us, so we treat it like that by putting the work on day by day.

“Growing up, we always had shorter fighters rushing us, so we had to learn how to fight inside and get stronger. We ended up doing both. Fighting on the inside is what I love to do.

“The timing has been right so far in my career, so I’ve just been going with the flow. If I have the chance to keep taking opportunities like this, I’m going to keep doing it.

“We’ve both trained very hard to give everyone a great show. It could definitely steal the show. I’m going to do what I always do, which is go in there and win.”


“I came into this fight as a replacement, but I was training hard for this opportunity. Now my time is here. I have to show the world who Habib Ahmed is. Everyone watching is going to see that on Saturday night.

Errol Spence Jr vs. Danny Garcia PPV undercard press quotes

“I’ve been training for half a year looking for an opportunity like this. My coach just kept pushing me every day, telling me that the opportunity would come.

“I prepared myself with top sparring partners in the gym. So I’m very prepared to show the world what I’m able to do on Saturday.

“I think the experience that I have will help me in this fight. Fundora is a tall southpaw. I’ve been sparring guys who give me that look in the gym, and that’s really important. Fundora is a good boxer who knows how to throw his hands, but we have a plan that I’m going to follow to get the win.

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“Everything has its time. Sometimes you only get one chance, and I have to make the most of it. I came to the U.S. for this chance. I have the will to make this happen for my career.

“If I listen to my coach, I can win this fight. We’re going to take it moment by moment, but I know for sure that I will end with a win Saturday.”


“I’m thankful to be in this position and back in the ring this year. I’m prepared and ready for anything that happens on Saturday. I know Santana is going to bring the fight, so it’s definitely going to be exciting.

Errol Spence Jr vs. Danny Garcia PPV undercard press quotes

“The preparation is done in the gym. We’ve prepared for months for a tough fight. We had great sparring partners to prepare us. When I’m not fighting the best, I’m fighting the toughest guys out there. I’m ready to execute my game plan on Saturday night.

“I like fighting aggressive fighters, but I can adapt to anything. I’ve seen every type of fighter in the ring. I can use whatever the game plan is necessary.

“Having a fighter like Santana makes for an exciting, action-packed fight. That’s’ what we’re fully expecting on Saturday night. This could easily be the fight of the night.

“Size has never been an issue for me fighting at welterweight. It’s about skill and how you use it. It’s about your timing and speed. I’ve worked on a lot of different game plans and styles with Robert Garcia. He’s gotten me back to the top level, and I’m ready to perform.

“I’m a natural fighter. Sometimes those instincts come out, and I make it a war. In the last few years, I’ve improved so many parts of my game that I used to lack. We’ve upped every aspect of my game. I’m prepared for any top-level fighter.”


“Everybody tuning in, I’d suggest you don’t miss our fight. If you liked Arturo Gatti vs. Micky Ward, expect nothing less than that. This is the west coast Gatti vs. Ward. Josesito and I are all-action fighters.

Errol Spence Jr vs. Danny Garcia PPV undercard press quotes

“I always work hard in the gym. That’s always been my goal. But you also have to prepare yourself mentally for what is going to be a tough fight. With our styles, it’s like fighting a reflection of yourself in the mirror.

“We’ve both faced tough opposition and high-level fighters. We’ve also come up short sometimes, but we never give up. We both keep coming forward.

“At the end of the day, this is what we signed up for. Giving the fans a great fight. Our fighting styles are how we take life in general. No matter what life throws at us, we keep coming forward and never give up. That’s what you’re going to see Saturday.

“I’ve faced practically all the best fighters around my weight. And I think that this is a fight where it’s going big or go home. I can show the world and myself that I’m not just a solid fighter. I want to show that I’m an ‘A’ level fighter.

“We both have the opportunity to show everyone where we stand in this division. Every fighter’s dream is to be a world champion. This fight is one step closer to that goal. I’m facing a phenomenal fighter, so this is a great test.”


“I’m pleased and excited to be a part of this big show on Saturday. I can’t wait to get in the ring and put on a great performance.

“I’ve prepared well even with the change in opponent. I’m ready for anything that Miguel can bring to the ring because of that strong preparation.

Errol Spence Jr vs. Danny Garcia PPV undercard press quotes

“I’m very motivated for this fight and this opportunity. I want to become a world champion, and I have to show that I’m ready for that level against Miguel Flores.

“Inside the ring, I love to fight the Mexican style. Even though we also work on our defense a lot. Most of all, I’m excited to bring this victory home to Mexico.

“I am excited about the atmosphere Saturday, but regardless of whether there are fans, I’m 100 percent prepared and motivated for this fight. The only thing on my mind is getting the victory Saturday night.”


“It’s great to be part of another pay-per-view event. This was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up. Ramirez is a tough fighter, so I’m ready for war. Saturday, you’re in for a treat. We’re going to warm up the ring for Spence and Garcia.

“We took this opportunity on head first. If you don’t risk, you don’t win. I know Ramirez is tough, but we’re up for the challenge. The reward from this win will be a lot bigger than what we initially had set up.

“I learned a lot fighting Leo Santa Cruz. He just went toe-to-toe with one of the best pounds for pound fighters in the sport in Gervonta Davis. I learned that I belong at that level. Hanging with one of the greats shows how strong I am mental.

Errol Spence Jr vs. Danny Garcia PPV undercard press quotes

“I have a lot of respect for Eduardo Ramirez and what he can do. But in the end, I believe my skill set is much stronger than his.

“I think I’ve always been a featherweight. I couldn’t pass up the 130-pound title fight against Santa Cruz. I’ve always felt best at this weight. We couldn’t let this opportunity pass us by. We’re fighters; we always train hard. Once you’re in the ring, you have to tell yourself you’re able to do it, and you’ll be able to accomplish it.”

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