Eddie Hearn Says There’s “Still Value” In An Amir Khan – Kell Brook Fight

I can hear the groans already! Eddie Hearn has said to IFL TV how talks will begin in the coming weeks for an Amir Khan Vs. Kell Brook fight. Yes, the one-time all-British blockbuster that everyone wanted to see. But now, with the fight so many years removed from its prime, does anyone still want to see it? Khan recently called Brook out whilst he was in Dubai, stating how “it’s time to put him in his place.”

No matter Brook, 39-3(27) had been calling Khan out for the longest time, only for Khan, 34-5(21) to take other fights instead. Brook gave up calling his rival out. But now, as Hearn has confirmed, the fight could be back on. Talk about better late than never!

“He never wanted to do the fight when there was so much money involved,” Hearn said of Khan. “Now, there’s a lot less money involved, but I’d still like to do the fight. I messaged him the other day, “Do you want to talk about it?” He said “Yeah, when I’m back from Dubai. We can have a chat.” There’s still value in the fight. It’s not as big as it once was, but we’ll see.”

Is there still value in this fight, one between two 34-year-olds who are a number of years past their best? In all honesty, plenty of people would still watch Khan Vs. Brook if it took place this summer, but no way should this fight be a pay-per-view offering. Not now. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it won’t be P-P-V.

Brook was badly beaten by Terence Crawford in his last fight, while in his last big fight Khan was also beaten by Crawford. Now it’s a case of who has more left. Khan still has great hand speed, while Brook will always feel he has the power to take Khan out. The fight should have taken place back in 2014, yet Brook Vs. Khan (who is the A-side today?) could finally happen here in 2021.

One of the easiest jobs for the promoters will be picking a tag-line for the fight: “Finally!” springs to mind.