Video: Ryan Garcia Says He’s “On A Mission To KO Gervonta Davis In Two Rounds!”

As soon as he’d taken out Luke Campbell with that vicious body shot to take the interim WBC lightweight title, Ryan Garcia called for a massive fight with Gervonta Davis. While a good number of experts have suggested, quite strongly, that the 22-year-old should take another fight or two before getting in there with “Tank,” Garcia himself has stated again how he wants that fight, and he wants it next.

Speaking with TMZ Sports, Garcia, 21-0(18) said a fight between himself and Davis is “the most important fight to boxing right now.” You may or may not agree with that. But Garcia then came out with another statement that is sure to divide fight fans: “This man will go down in two rounds, that’s a promise,” Garcia said.

“I don’t have time for celebrations,” Garcia said, referring to his up-from-the-floor win over Campbell. “I’m on a mission to knock out Gervonta Davis in two rounds. This man will go down. Two rounds – that’s a promise.”

Garcia then spoke directly to Davis, telling him he has to take the fight or else his legacy will “forever be tainted.”

“If you do not take this fight from me, you will not be remembered. Your legacy will forever be tainted if you do not accept this fight,” Garcia said to Davis.

“Tank” is almost certain to read or hear about what Garcia has said, and it’s likely he will want the fight as much as Garcia wants it. Maybe this fight, a potential super fight, would be better off taking place a little further on down the road, where it would perhaps reach absolutely gigantic status. Is it too soon for Garcia is he fights Davis next? At age 22, Garcia has no need to rush. Davis, 24-0(23) has a lot more experience than Garcia has, and maybe “King Ry” should indeed get another fight or two under his belt before he slugs it out with the 26-year-old.

And as for Garcia’s bold prediction of a win in just two rounds, well that really does show us the massive level of confidence Garcia has. These two potential superstars seem destined to get it on some time, but will it be next?