Dillian Whyte To Tyson Fury: “You Haven’t Even Achieved Half Of What Lennox Lewis Has Achieved”

By James Slater - 10/25/2021 - Comments

Tyson Fury is, as fans know, extremely fond of telling us all he is the best heavyweight of his generation, of his era. Also, Fury says he feels he could have beaten any big man in history. Some boxing experts don’t go quite that far but they do suggest Fury would give any heavyweight in history a tough time of things (Kevin Iole wrote a piece on the subject for Yahoo! Sports shortly after Fury’s epic win over Deontay Wilder).

Is Fury deserving of a place, any place, among the heavyweight greats? Is Fury, for example, worthy of being ranked right up there with the obvious pick for greatest British heavyweight ever, Lennox Lewis? Judging by the negative comments lodged under an article on this very site that asked this question, the answer is a big NO. But Fury IS a special fighter, on that most people tend to agree. And largely due to his size and weight and the way he can move around the ring, Fury is looked at by some as a unique big man who would indeed have been too much for smaller men; even the greats of the division.

But Dillian Whyte (who may or may not fight Fury next; this depending on a couple of things: the Otto Wallin situation and whether or not Fury will decide to retire) says Fury is in no way deserving of being placed up there with Lewis or a number of other heavyweight greats.

“Who has he fought? Deontay Wilder and [Wladimir] Klitschko….He can’t call himself the greatest,” Whyte said when speaking with CNN. “Okay, you might be the best heavyweight around in your era now because you haven’t lost, then you beat everyone put in front of you. But you’re not the greatest. You haven’t even achieved half of what Lennox Lewis has achieved…Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman…all these guys.”

Agree or disagree with Whyte?

What is certainly true is the fact that the Fury we saw out-fight and out-punch Wilder would have given any heavyweight a good, hard slugfest type of battle. While the herky-jerky stuff Fury used when he bamboozled Klitschko would have been interesting tactics for him to have adopted against the likes of Ali and Larry Holmes. Fury does need to do more to be considered a top-10 heavyweight, he needs more names on his record (Whyte is correct when he says Fury has only two genuinely stellar names on his resume).

But maybe, if he can punch his way to wins over the likes of Oleksandr Usyk, Anthony Joshua, Joe Joyce, Whyte himself, and maybe a couple more quality contenders, Fury will have a spot some place in the hallowed top-10. Maybe. And don’t ever make the mistake of underestimating an unbeaten record.

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  1. Lennox Lewis always was in shape, he would never cheat and he avoided nobody. Night and day different.

  2. Only I am the original anonymous. The original V for vendetta anonymous. All other anonymous’s are idiotic idiots.

  3. You may as well face it. Your boy is a proven cheat by the highest courts many times over. That’s why nobody likes fury and nobody likes you. We want to see the best fight the best. No more insulting our intelligence, especially with these low I.Q. gambits a child can see through. Face it and give us good clean fights or get out of boxing. Getting out is the only option because fury is pillow fisted with out metal loaded gloves and bare knuckle fighting. The gig is up.

  4. Excuses after another excuse after another one. The world is tired of fury’s career legacy of cheating tactics, documented evidence of glove tampering cocaine bribery steroid use drugged opponents bribery of whitnisses in an international level court proceeding.

  5. The next excuse fury offered for the ducking out of the officially authorized rematch option clause agreements was that by Deontay Wilder publishing documented photographic evidence of the floppy gloves flopping around all over the place and the photos of the finger’s clearly visible through the leather gloves padding repositioning advantage failedsteroid tests were proof that Deontay Wilder was prejudiced against gypsy’s and that’s the reason fury sighted for refusing to honor the contract for the rematch.

  6. The world is tired of hearing fury’s excuses, excuse after excuse after another one. First he was depressed and heavily medicated on psychotic drug therapy for attempted suicide. Secondly the drug addiction to crack cocaine contributed to the allogations of water spiking and bribery of the referee and judge’s and martin carefoot in the klitschko fight causing fury to be stripped of the belt and ordered into Court despite his excuses for being in a mental health institution.

  7. The British boxing board of control has suspended permanently indefinitely fury’s boxing license in the UK. This good old fashioned gunboat diplomacy is what separates the UK from the crime ridden mafia owned from the inception Las Vegas Nevada State criminal mindset.

  8. The gloves were signed off on for the first fight, signed, bagged and the day of the fight a UPS truck arrived today it’s another new set of gloves for the fury team.

  9. 3. Listening? You moronic mindsets misinformationalistic idiot?
    a. The gloves for the trilogy were officially rejected by the Deontay Wilder team , however the Nevada State Athletic Commission approved them despite Deontay Wilders teams objections.
    b. The Nevada State Athletic Commission has never caught anyone cheating with glove tampering, it was always a trainer for the Antonio margarito vs Miguel Cotto plaster of Paris scandal which Kenny Bayless was referring. Tell me he didn’t know about the eggweight loaded gloves for the Deontay Wilder vs fury fight as well.
    c. The gloves are weighed, this is absolutely correct, horse hair repositioning advantage and redistribution doesn’t change the weight, again this is not the issue. The issue is the imprinted fingers clearly visible through the leather gloves.

  10. Hello anonymous, this is the original anonymous.
    1. Stupid is the word Maricio Suliaman used as an excuse not to open an investigation on the tampered gloves issue involving the tampering with the gloves for the first Deontay Wilder vs Tyson fight which:
    a. Mauricio Suliaman president of the WBC owns the company that custom build the gloves.
    b. Maricio Suliaman president of the WBC was Tysons sponsor for the first Deontay Wilder vs fury fight.

    • You are the one who must grow up and stop living in a fantasy world anonymous. I’m an elder and if you don’t respect that, you must be destroyed. Grow up sonny!
      1. The hand wrapping had nothing to do with it, that issue was not at question. The issues were
      a. Repositioning advantage of manipulation of horse hair padding witch is against the Queensbury rules of boxing and cause for immediate disqualification.
      b. Ricky Hattan being caught visually and audibly, on film, pulling down the left glove of fury and saying”, you will beat him with your left hand.” This too is against the Queensbury rules of boxing and cause for immediate disqualification.

  11. Grow up. Anyone who signs up for these stupid excuses and conspiracy theories that Fury cheated.. lol. Just morons. Gloves by both parties are agreed to before every fight. Boxing commission check gloves, sign off on gloves before AND after each fight… especially a fight of this magnitude and attention. They also watch and check as hands are wrapped in front of an official AND the opposing fighters trainer. They are inspected, and initialed, signed off on. Your guy Wilder got drummed 3 times, had a jillion excuses himself after each fight…, Mark Breland’s at fault, Wilder’s outfit weighed 40lbs and he was exhausted by the time he got to the ring, personal problems, slow 10 count in 4th round, Fury’s gloves, his ear drum broke leaving him lethargic in the ring (that’s the fight game), he weighed too much for the third fight… this stuff gets old. Wilder can’t take a punch, and his only skill is a right hand. Those two items got him a record of 0-2-1 with Fury. Get over it. He can’t possibly get shafted all 3 fights. Lol!!

  12. You aught to be ashamed of fury. It’s low class to follow a glove tampering drug cheat.

  13. Whyte is another one of these guys that fell short once given his big, deserved title shot, falling back into the category of “a contender, Top 10”. Now he spews trash talk like a Wilder, or Keith Thurman, or Amir Khan, or Adrian Broner, those that got exposed and toppled, in hopes to get a title shot… aka: Money/Lottery. Tyson Fury doesn’t have to fight another fight. He had a fantastic career, beating Klitschko, then arguable Wilder 3 times. Tyson could care less if you think Lennox Lewis’ career was better or not. Dillon, that’s cheap chatter on your part. You should be more concerned with whether your career was better than Frank Bruno or not. And it wasn’t, just for the record.

    • Deontay Wilder can’t be beat by any of today’s boxing heavyweights, maybe in a few years, there’s a lot of talent blossoming.
      Get the hell out of here with that propaganda, just the flopping gloves alone. ” You will beat him with your left hand.” This clown is a fraudulent interloping intruding foreigner.

    • The fraud is fury, I mean for clarification. Bare knuckles clearly visible through the leather gloves. You dare support that stupidity.

    • Ste1,
      You have a lot of nerve calling me a racist. All of the low I. Q. Trickery that you subscribe to from the flopping gloves to the fingers clearly visible through the leather gloves padding repositioning advantage steroid use. You are the dummies.

    • Lennox Lewis beat klitschko fair and square. Klitschko just got better and Lennox Lewis didn’t want any part of the young fighter.
      Klitschko vs Tyson is another story. The legacy of fury is one of cheating tactics, again and again and again and again and again. We had steroids cocaine crank and allogations of spiked water in the klitschko fight as well. Having been stripped of the belt and boxing license in the UK by the boxing board of control, fury fleed to America where he continues to do the same exact thing.
      You have sensored media in the UK as we do in the United States Of America. The evidence has been documented that fury loaded gloves, failed his drug test, like Dillian Whyte with Rivas, those drug addict cheater’s couldn’t beat Deontay Wilder ever without cheating.
      It’s best they both retire the fat, slob old fighters they have become without fighting the best. Avoiding and making excuses after another one.

  14. All of you European fight fans who support your fake champion, fury, after all of the amateur, low I. Q., deceptive misrepresentations leading up to this day. You are all, wifi exceptions, Winnie’s, wankers, and your mother’s wear army boots.

    • Yes, fury cheated with loaded gloves and drugging opponents, that is why he can never fight here in the UK again.

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