Tim Bradley reacts to Shakur Stevenson comments

By Will Arons - 10/25/2021 - Comments

ESPN analyst Tim Bradley has reacted to Shakur Stevenson’s comments about him being motivated to perform last Saturday night in his fight against WBO super featherweight champion Jamel Herring after being called “Boring” by Tim going into the match.

Bradley’s comments about Shakur were meant to motivate him to change his game because his safety-first style of fighting is led to a lot of criticism from boxing fans. The 2016 Olympic silver medalist Shakur wants to be a superstar, but how he fights is too careful to achieve his goal.

Stevenson (17-0, 9 KOs) raised his game to a level not seen before from him in turning on the offense to wear down and stop the 35-year-old Top Rank promoted Herring (23-3, 11 KOs) in the tenth round last Saturday night at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta.

It was pretty entertaining to watch compared to Stevenson’s painfully dull performances against Jeremia Nakathilia and Joet Gonzalez.

The only thing that Shakur could change is the sound effects he was continually making when throwing shots, which is unnecessary.

“I want to thank Tim Bradley. Tim Bradley was criticizing me and calling me ‘boring,’ so I wanted a fun fight,”  said Shakur Stevenson on being motivated for his title challenge of WBO super featherweight champion Jamel Herring last Saturday night. “I wanted to perform.”

It was easier for Shakur to fight aggressively against Herring than for him to do the same thing against a puncher like Oscar Valdez, Jeremia Nakathilia, or Emanuel Navarrete.

With his 42.31 KO percentage, Herring isn’t someone that Stevenson had to worry about when it comes to his power, and he could afford to fight on his front foot to go on the attack.

Tim Bradley reacts to Shakur Stevenson comments

Moving forward, we’ll see if Stevenson can continue to fight with mean intentions when he starts fighting sluggers again because he’ll have to worry about taking headshots.

Herring hit Stevenson with his best punches, but he had no power to speak of, and he looked a lot older than his 35 years.  Will Shakur stay in the pocket against a puncher like Valdez or Navarrete, or will we see him resort to his standard pull-back style of fighting?

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    • That is how we boxed in Newark back in the day. It was about being fast, and slick and not getting hit. Bay Bay, Puddin, Jessy, Lefty a bunch of sharp boxers.

  1. Arum didn’t ruin Crawford, Crawford ruined Crawford. Forrest Gump has more personality than Terrence. This man can’t sell fights but if you wanna blame someone start looking at PBC fighters and their promoter. Bob has no other top 147 other than PAC before. Anyways Shakur should have no problem getting fights cuz 130,135 and 140 is loaded with good fighters to match with him.

  2. Good point , but only a few will fight anyone and shuker is not one of them.
    Lopez will, tank will but Mayweather protects him , rolly will .rest assure you will never see the days of hearns, Hagler sugar ray , you will see it in heavy weight division and only in the heavy weight division, let’s not forget canelo. My thoughts only .

    • Lopez won’t fight anybody… He won’t step foot in the ring if Loma is in the other corner. He’s cheery picking. He really don’t want kambosis. He’s all mouth.

  3. I believe some of you guys missing Tims point. This is a dangerous game but its more dangerous to let a guy hang around when you are supposed to get him out of there early. These guys are pros and one haymaker can get you out of there. Don’t make an easier fight harder than it has to be.

    • Very good point. And I’m also sure that this fight enabled Shakur to learn that sometimes (through experience), fighting on the inside and/or letting your hands go is the best option altogether in the match and also in your career going forward….. If you can pick up what I’m putting down.

  4. Too much politics in boxing. A lot of fights that should be made are not. Promoters don’t seem to be concerned about the integrity of the game. “Boxing is losing out to MMA.”

    • How are they losing to MMA lol? Boxing making millions while MMA fighters make minimum wage. Do you see boxers saying ooh I need to go to UFC to make more money? Nope…. But how many MMA fighters have crossed over? Don’t kid yourself, because you like MMA more than boxing doesn’t mean they are taking over boxing

    • Agreed. Mayweather and the ultrarich knows this. That’s why they are making cheesy exhibition fights.

  5. Hit and not get is Boxing and it’s really a mental chess game and I agree when he really starts to fight the bigger puncher’s he would of course be aggressive but stay smart and box trying to trade punches with a slugger because it only takes one punch to end a fight and the heavier the weight class the harder the punch. Just my opinion.

  6. Q@Shakur Stevenson don’t Stray your Path
    To be great. On any given night ranking don’t
    Mean a thing. The only One you Need To listen to is Your Trainer. You are the Boss
    In That Square Circle Without doubt or
    Contradiction, that’s why you have that strap.
    it signify that at 130lb. You are the new WBO
    World Champion. Now if you want to lose

  7. This is boxing Tim it’s a dangerous sport he’s supposed to be as careful as possible wtf Tim

  8. Shakur looked the best he’s ever looked. And he’s so young and healthy. Now he needs to pencil out a list, no messing around like all these others, and fight every champion in front of him. No ranked 5th or 8th rank fighters… call everyone out: Valdez, Diaz, Merchelt, Alvarado, Santa Cruz, Devin Haney, Tank Davis, Lomachenko, Teofimo Lopez, and be the ONE credible guy that follows the legends from the 80’s golden era.., ie: Leonard, Hearns, Hagler, Duran, Benitez, Pryor, Arguello, Salvador Sanchez… the problem is Bob Arum. Arum has almost ruined Terrance Crawford’s time at Welterweight, where Terrance beat nobody; he gained recognition at 140. Don’t do this to Shakur.

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