Did Pacquiao lose to Marquez because he was stepping on his foot when he KO’d him?

By Bill Phanco: It’s interesting to hear the excuses still being brewed about why Manny Pacquiao was knocked senseless by Juan Manuel Marquez last Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. The one that we’ve probably heard the most is that some boxing fans think Marquez was using performance enhancing drugs. A lot of these same boxing fans still believe this even though test results came out on Friday revealing that Marquez’s test results for PEDs was negative, as was Pacquiao’s.

That still isn’t stopping some fans from believing this. But a new excuse for Pacquiao’s loss is that Marquez just happened to be stepping on Pacquiao’s right foot when he knocked him out with a right hand in the 6th. Marquez planted his left foot on top of Pacquiao’s foot and then tagged him in the head. Obviously this was an accident by Marquez and not something he planned to do, because how could he plan something like that?

Oddly enough, the knockdown that Pacquiao recorded in the 5th round against Marquez came when Pacquiao stepped on Marquez’s left foot and then punched him in the head with a left hand at the same time. Marquez was unable to pull away from the shot like fighters normally do because Pacquiao had him pinned down with his weight on the front part of Marquez’s foot, causing him to lose his balance and fall. If you look around the internet, not too many people mention how Pacquiao was able to get the knockdown. They only thing you hear is that Pacquiao was really dominating Marquez in the 5th round.

Pacquiao’s knockout wasn’t the result of Marquez stepping on Pacquiao’s left foot. Believe me; Pacquiao would have been knocked out even if Marquez hasn’t stepped on Pacquiao’s foot. The punch was just too good and Pacquiao didn’t see it coming because he was too eager to try and land some hard shots in the last seconds of the round.