Devin Haney’s biggest threat = Shakur Stevenson says Tim Bradley

06/23/2022 - By Tim Compton - Comments

Tim Bradley says he sees Shakur Stevenson as the biggest threat for undisputed lightweight champion Devin Haney at 135. Bradley feels that Haney (28-0, 15 KOs) is the top dog at lightweight now, and would defeat Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis, Vasyl Lomchenko, and Ryan Garcia.

As far as Bradley is concerned, the only fighter on the horizon that would give Haney problems is Shakur Stevenson (18-0, 9 KOs), and that won’t happen until the Top Rank promoted fighter moves up from the 130-lb division.

Tank Davis lost a lot of credibility with the way he struggled in his last title defense against Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero on May 28th. Rolly was fighting Tank to a standstill until he got clipped in the sixth round.

Bradley feels the way that Tank had problems against Rolly, he showed he can be outboxed, and Haney would be a number on the Baltimore native.

“Who is his biggest threat? I would have to say, Shakur Stevenson,” said Tim Bradley to K.O. Artist Sports when asked who is Devin Haney’s biggest threat.

“After watching his performance and seeing how he is, the dude is like a cat. He reminds me of Floyd,” Bradley said about Haney. “He has the fast-twitch muscles, and get in & out and long.

“He can make things really difficult on the outside, and not allow you to do anything. He takes all your strengths away. I think Tank has a puncher’s chance against him just like he always does.

“We’ve seen him in the past. Tank will get behind on the scorecards when guys will box him and keep him outside. Tank is real economical with his offense.

“He’s not a wasteful guy. He won’t throw caution to the wind. Every time he throws, he’s hitting you. What happens when you throw and you miss and you get hit?” Bradley said of Tank Davis.

“Or you’re not throwing and you’re getting hit and getting occupied with the offense. So that’s what Devin Haney brings into the ring. If Haney can survive without getting hit flush with a shot, he can beat him.

“I think he [Haney] beats [Ryan] Garcia. I think Haney has fought better competition than Garcia. I see Garcia all over the Internet, as far as social media and all of that.

“I know he’s got a next fight coming up, but Haney is serious about this. He’s not one of those darling babies where you’re poster boys. He’s all about that work.

“It’s a different mindset, I believe by both fighters, and I think Haney has a better skill set [than Ryan Garcia]. He’s better technically sound, and his stamina is through the roof.

“I’ve never seen him that much conditioning than when I saw him in Australia. He had fantastic conditioning, and he was able to think his way through and be alert the whole night.

“You know he has that capability. So the harder the fight is going to get, the better Devin Haney we’re going to see. I think Haney should come out on top, and I think he beats Loma.

“I wouldn’t have said that a year ago, but the thing is that we don’t know when Loma is going to come back. He’s older now.

“You don’t see what I see. If you take those angles away from Loma from getting around on the outside, he’s ordinary, I’m telling you.

“That’s where he has success when he’s moving and he gets outside and he starts working those angles, that’s when he’s a problem.

“If you take that away and you keep him directly in front of you and he tries to get on the outside on that weak side and steps around and turn that backfoot and get around him, you take that angle away from him.

“He’s a normal dude. He’s a smaller guy. Haney can pick him, hit him. He’s got a right hand, and Haney got a left hook too. Those are two punches that can operate a southpaw, and Haney has been doing it since the crib.

“Those natural instincts are great to have inside the ring, and you develop that over the top. All that stuff Loma does and all those guys don’t have the experience that he has. He won’t be able to do that with Haney.

“I got Haney. I think Haney can come out on top. I don’t think Loma has the punching power to hurt him. I think Haney outboxes him. I think he really does. I think he outboxes him. Remember, [Teofimo] Lopez was able to outbox him [Lomachenko].

“Lopez was very efficient. Yes, he has the power, and that could be the only difference. That power to keep him at bay, but distance control can take care of that. That distance control by Haney can take care of that,” said Bradley.

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