Devin Haney: “Ryan Garcia Was Drunk Like A Skunk At The Press Conference”

By Amy A Kaplan - 02/27/2024 - Comments

Devin Haney, the voice of reason and beacon of professionalism, delivered the bombshell allegation that Ryan Garcia was not just tipsy, but unequivocally “DRUNK at the presser!” This wasn’t a charming, “had one too many at happy hour” scenario, but rather a staggering, “smelled like a brewery at the face-off” kind of debacle. And let me tell you, Ryan wasn’t merely slightly off his game; he was all over the place, like a pinball in a machine gone haywire!

There we were, expecting the usual pre-fight hype and banter today in New York, a little jab here, a dodge there, but no. Ryan decided to turn the press conference into his personal variety show. It’s as if he thought, “Why not mix a little happy hour with media hour?” And boy, did he deliver a performance that had us all raising our eyebrows.

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In a scene that could only be described as part emotional reunion and part high school musical, Garcia made a beeline for Bernard Hopkins. His embrace with ‘the Alien’ was heartfelt, yet so awkward and cringeworthy that it transcended the boundaries of second-hand embarrassment and entered the realm of legend. It was as if Ryan mistook the press conference for a long-lost family reunion, casting Bernard in the role of the estranged uncle who’s just as confused as the rest of us. And just as we were all digesting this tender moment, Ryan kicked it into high gear, sprinting around the stage as if he’d just scored the winning touchdown at the Super Bowl.

Devin Haney: "Ryan Garcia Was Drunk Like A Skunk At The Press Conference"

The crowd was torn between disbelief and hilarity, witnessing a spectacle that defied all norms. This wasn’t just a press conference; it was a full-blown episode of reality TV, sans the script and the censors.

Haney’s allegations that Ryan Garcia was more ‘spirited’ than usual, possibly even tipsy, at the press conference. Shocking? Yes. Entertaining? Absolutely. The kind of drama you can’t make up. If these whispers hold any truth, Garcia might just have added a whole new meaning to ‘fighting spirit.’

But wait, before you jump to conclusions. No one else from that infamous presser has piped up to confirm Haney’s claims. The plot thickens, and the truth remains as elusive as a shadow in the night. Devin Haney, not just a boxer but the town crier, heralding Garcia’s alleged tipsy escapades to the world. Haney, ever the advocate for the noble art of boxing, seems to relish his role as the morality police, calling out what he sees as a breach of boxing etiquette. Meanwhile, Garcia’s camp is as silent as a mime, offering no denials, confirmations, or even a dramatic soliloquy in response.

Watch the entire press conference here:

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