Derek Chisora: “I’m Not Gonna B*** S*** Anyone, I Want Zhilei Zhang!”

10/02/2023 - By James Slater - Comments

Derek Chisora is serious, or at least he’s as serious as will ever have any idea as to whether or not he is serious, because we just never know with this guy! But the warrior who is closing in on his fortieth birthday insists he is not done fighting yet, and Chisora, 34-13(23) has a very big target as far as who he says he wants to fight next. Speaking once again with IFL TV, “War” says he’s “not gonna b*** s*** anyone, I want that Chinese man!”

Chisora was of course referring to Zhilei Zhang. Chisora says he can beat Zhang – “give me six rounds and he’s done,” he said.

“F**k it man, I’m not gonna b*** s*** anyone, I want that f****** China man, I’m not gonna f****** b*** s*** anyone. I want that Chinese man,” Chisora said. “I’ll beat that guy…..give me six rounds with that guy, and he’s done. Zhilei Zhang, China, that’s it. We’ll see where Frank Warren is, because Frank Warren’s got options on the fight [Zhang has next], that’s it. So, he [Zhang] might talk about fighting Deontay [Wilder] or AJ, but it’s gonna be a big fight.”

Already, as soon as Chisora spoke about his desire to tangle with “Big Bang,” plenty of fans cringed and put out comments to the effect that this one would be bad, bad news for Chisora; for both his short-term and his long-term health. For months now, plenty of fans have been calling for Chisora, a pro since February of 2007, with him having been in a number of wars since then, to call it quits. But here’s Chisora calling out one of the most dangerous heavyweights out there right now.

On one hand, you’ve got to admire Chisora’s sheer fighting heart. On the other hand, you cannot help but think Chisora needs to be saved from himself. In all honesty, Zhang, the interim WBO heavyweight champ, is looking for bigger fights than one with Chisora. Zhang, as we know, wants a shot at either Oleksandr Usyk or Tyson Fury. However, those two guys are bust for the foreseeable future, so who knows, maybe, if he cannot get a fight with Wilder or Joshua, Zhang will look Chisora’s way.

Zhang is red-hot right now, courtesy of his two big wins over Joe Joyce, and a fight between he and anyone would be massive in China. And you know Chisora would be willing to go into yet another lion’s den, don’t you! Going by his “six rounds” comment, Chisora feels, as do other people, that the approx 285-pound Zhang has a stamina problem, and that it is one he could capitalise on. But would the fight even reach the half-way stage if it did happen?

Zhang Vs. Chisora – would you watch it or not?

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