Carl Froch on Fury vs Usyk & Ngannou: “Slow, awkward, stiff -horrendous”

By Vladimir S - 10/02/2023 - Comments

So, it’s been almost 20 years, but we’re on the brink of crowning an undisputed World Heavyweight Champion – with Fury and Usyk set to tango. So, who’s your money on for the Heavyweight title?

Carl Froch, the former four-time World Champ, has weighed in and he’s all in for the Morecambe boxer. He thinks Fury would have a field day with both Ngannou and Usyk. Oh, and a little side note for Chris Eubank Jr? Froch’s two cents: steer clear of Canelo if you’re looking to maintain that pretty boxing record. Hunting for a marquee fight is great, but sometimes, it’s just not worth the potential whooping.

Chatting up with Best Gambling Sites, Froch didn’t mince words. Francis Ngannou? He called him “slow”, “clumsy”, and even went as far as saying he looked like a greenhorn while training. Harsh, eh? But hey, if the boxing shoe fits…

Now, Usyk might have a thing or two up his sleeve for Fury, and while those love handles on Fury might be tempting to joke about, they don’t define the champ’s potential. And a hot tip: if Usyk’s looking for a sparring partner, maybe giving Wladimir Klitschko a ring isn’t the worst idea.

Lastly, Eubank taking on Canelo? Froch feels it’s like throwing a local club team in the ring (okay, field) with a Premier League giant.

Carl Froch: “That announcement’s timing is genius! Frank Warren knows that a Fury-Ngannou fight isn’t exactly for the traditional boxing crowd. It’s more for those young crossover boxing fans. But with the Fury-Usyk news, oh boy, everyone’s suddenly all ears! Of course, the skeptics might say, ‘But what if Fury gets injured?’ For Fury, this is practically a light sparring round. No doubt Ngannou’s got a punch, but it’s like saying a donkey can kick – sure, but can it aim? After watching Ngannou train, it’s like watching a beginner. He’s all over the place: slow, clumsy, rigid. He’s gonna be dancing to Fury’s tune all night long!”

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Now, onto the Usyk show. Froch: “We’ve been starving for an undisputed heavyweight champ, and it’s about time! Big ups to Warren for setting this up. The skepticism about it happening shortly after the Ngannou scrap is there. But given Fury might just treat Ngannou as a walk in the park, we might see the Usyk showdown right after.”

“Making a case for Usyk isn’t hard. The guy’s skilled, has faced giants since stepping into the heavyweight division, and while he’s put on some pounds and aged a bit, so has Fury. If both fighters bring their A-game, it’s a coin toss. But, if we’re being real? A prepped Fury takes it. Not easily, but he’ll likely use his reach to keep Usyk at bay.”

Preparing for Fury is a different ball game. “Who’s even close to Fury’s height and style for sparring? Maybe Wladimir Klitschko? But nobody truly mirrors Fury. He’s one of a kind.”

As for the growing boxing scene in Saudi? Froch: “The Saudis are pouring cash into their sports infrastructure. Sure, they’re not Madison Square Garden or Las Vegas, but they’re on their way. They’re hosting not just boxing, but major golf tournaments, horse races, and F1 races. They’re investing big and creating unique experiences. Give it time, and Saudi might just be the ‘Sin City’ of the Middle East.”

And the hype around Chris Eubank vs Canelo? “Is Eubank just chasing a paycheck? I mean, you can’t seriously pit him against Canelo. After seeing Eubank’s performance against Liam Smith, it’s clear he’s outmatched. Canelo is in a league of his own. Eubank’s world-level bouts? Ended in losses to Saunders and Groves. So, against Canelo? It’s It’s Saturday league against Premier League. Canelo would run circles around him!”