Dereck Chisora To Andy Ruiz: “Want To Come To London?”

03/17/2022 - By James Slater - Comments

Former heavyweight champ Andy Ruiz, who we understand is back in training, put out a post on social media, asking his fans who he should fight next? Well, someone who isn’t exactly a fan responded: Dereck Chisora. Chisora, who is anxious to fight again this year, perhaps more than once, saw Ruiz’s tweet, and he answered as follows: “Want to come to London? #WAR.”

It will now be interesting to see if Ruiz responds to Chisora’s response. But this heavyweight match-up is for sure one we would all tune in for, even pay for.

Chisora, aged 38, is looking to face as many big names as he can before finally hanging them up – “When I hang it up, I can say I fought everybody in my era and enjoyed it.

I don’t want to duck and dive suddenly at the end of my career,” Chisora told Talk Sport recently.

If a sensible offer can be put forth to Ruiz, maybe he will take Chisora, 32-12(23) up on his offer and travel over to the UK for the fight. Ruiz is a lot younger than Chisora and a good deal fresher, so “The Destroyer” would likely feel this is a fight he would win.

Last seen struggling with Chris Arreola in a fight in which he was knocked down heavily, Ruiz, 34-2(22), needs to get back in action ASAP. He now has a possible dance partner in Chisora.

Who wins if these two do get it on this year? Chisora is as tough as boots, and he can never be counted out, yet even he cannot carry on going to the well and expecting it to be providing. But then again, it would also depend on what kind of shape Ruiz came in at.

Dereck Chisora To Andy Ruiz: “Want To Come To London?”

How much does Ruiz WANT it these days? A less than prepared Ruiz would run the risk of being dragged into deep waters by Chisora, and then the fight would come down to who wants it most. Who has shown more heart than Chisora in fights?

Again, let’s now wait and see if Ruiz takes Chisora up on his offer.