Deontay Wilders craves Alexander Povetkin fight, says he thinks about it “all the time”

Despite what transpired back in May of this year, or perhaps because of what happened – with Deontay Wilder’s big-money and important fight with Alexander Povetkin falling apart due to well documented reasons, leaving Wilder, who had trained hard with nothing to show for it, feeling very frustrated – Wilder says he still desperately wants to fight Povetkin. Speaking with, the reigning WBC heavyweight champ says he cannot stop thinking about the fight.

Wilder, who will remain out of action for the remainder of this year due to the hand and biceps injuries he picked up in his stoppage win over Chris Arreola last month, says that Povetkin can still fight him, but that it would have to be in the U.S.

“I would still love to fight Povetkin,” Wilder told The Bible of Boxing. “To be honest, I think about it all the time. I was very confident going into his country, behind enemy territory and I was going to prevail. It was almost going to be similar to the Arreola fight. Both guys don’t really move their head. Povetkin is right there in position for me. He’s perfect for my style. I was definitely going to destroy him. We gave them the opportunity and their chance. They blew it. Now it’s time [for Povetkin] to come to America.”

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Povetkin is still awaiting his fate following what went on with his testing positive for Meldonium ahead of the Wilder showdown. But if the Russian star – beaten only by Wladimir Klitschko at pro level – can get his career back on track and accepts a fight in the U.S, the Wilder fight remains an interesting, big and potentially exciting fight both sides feel they would win. But will Povetkin, who has never before boxed in America, be keen to leave Russia, the venue for his last six fights?

Povetkin, in the opinion of many experts, was going to give Wilder the biggest test of his pro career. Maybe the former WBA champion will still do so, next year some time.