Deontay Wilder Turns 37 – Three More Years In The Ring For “The Bronze Bomber?”

10/22/2022 - By James Slater - Comments

There was a time when the age of 37 was a most advanced age for a boxer, even a heavyweight. Yet today when a heavyweight turns 37, there is no real need for concern, just as long as he isn’t obviously shot, damaged or clearly faded. Today, Deontay Wilder turns 37. Judging by his last fight, brief as it was, Wilder is not shot, he is not damaged (though only a tougher fight than the one Robert Helenius was able to give Wilder will let us know if those three wars with Tyson Fury took something from the former WBC heavyweight champ) and Wilder is not a clearly faded fighter.

What Wilder is, what he remains as, is one of the most frighteningly powerful one-punch KO artists around today – some say of all-time. Wilder recently told us he plans to fight until the age of 40, that he may have as many as nine more fights before he retires. For fans of exciting knockouts (and who among fights fans does not fall into this category?), this is good news. Wilder also wants to become a world champion again; his coach Malik Scott says Wilder wants to become undisputed heavyweight champ. Can Wilder regain even a portion of the championship?

With his “freakish” punching ability, his speed and his sheer desire, Wilder’s chances have to be looked at as fair to good, to very good to excellent. But which route might Wilder take as he looks to get the opportunity to rule again? It’s been reported how the WBC will very likely order a fight to take place between Wilder and fellow former champ Andy Ruiz, this to be a final eliminator for the WBC belt. If Wilder follows this route and wins, he could wind up facing current WBC heavyweight boss Fury for a fourth time. This could prove to be the toughest route Wilder could take as far as him becoming champ again.

Wilder wants to fight current WBA/IBF/WBO heavyweight champ Oleksandr Usyk, as he made clear at the post-fight presser for the Helenius blow-out. Wilder said that if Usyk is “a man of his word, what a helluva fight it will be.” But can Wilder defeat Usyk? It’s a fascinating fight, that’s for sure. And then there is Anthony Joshua. This fight, which would be for no belts, would be a huge event all by itself. In fact, this fight might just top the list right now in terms of which one heavyweight match-up would you like to see made. So Wilder has options. Wilder also has fans. For many, Wilder is the heavyweight to go and see if you want excitement. Currently, 43-2-1(42), Wilder has the potential to score a good few additional KO’s before he’s done.

How about these for some thrillers Wilder could feature in before he walks away:

Andy Ruiz

Anthony Joshua

Oleksandr Usyk

Tyson Fury IV

Joe Joyce

And who could possibly say, with any certainty, who would win these fights?