Deontay Wilder Breaks His Silence With Perplexing Tweet, But Will He Fight Again?

By James Slater - 03/30/2022 - Comments

It’s coming up six months since Deontay Wilder lost his trilogy fight/war with Tyson Fury, yet Wilder showed nothing short of mind-boggling heroics in coming up short and he earned the respect of many a fight fan in doing so. Almost totally silent and invisible since that incredible night in Las Vegas, “The Bronze Bomber” has not made any official statement on his future. Will Wilder fight again?

As exciting as he is, as chilling a puncher as he is, plenty of us want to see Wilder fight again, yet we do not know how much that torrid battle with Fury took out of him. Neither does he. Wilder turns 37 later this year, in October, and if he is going to fight again, Wilder will have to make his mind up soon – one would think, anyway. Or maybe Wilder HAS made up his mind.

Breaking radio silence, or social media silence, Wilder put out the following tweet a few hours back:

“We’re stronger TOGETHER than within the eyes of the devil. What’s understood don’t have to be explained.”

So what do you make of this cryptic message? Is there in fact anything to make of it, or is it just gibberish? Wilder has put out odd tweets in the past and at times no-one but he himself knows what Wilder is thinking or saying. Your guess is as good as mine in terms of the latest tweet. But it means something to Wilder, maybe something quite powerful. Maybe the new tweet is a coded way of saying yes, he will be back in the ring before too long?

Again, plenty of us want to see Wilder fight again. And imagine if Wilder got it on with any of these guys:

Andy Ruiz. This one has been touted as a possible comeback fight for Wilder, and we’d sure tune in for this fight.

Joe Joyce. A monster puncher Versus a granite chin. How interesting would this match-up be!

Anthony Joshua. Whether he wins or loses his return fight with Oleksandr Usyk, Joshua would always be a fascinating opponent for Wilder. They should have fought when they were both unbeaten, but a Wilder-Joshua fight would still sell. Big.

Oleksandr Usyk. If Usyk repeats his win over AJ, and if Tyson Fury retires after his fight with Dillian Whyte as he has said will be the case, maybe Usyk would look to take on the lethal puncher? Crazier fights have happened.

Joseph Parker. This one was also mentioned as a possible comeback fight for Wilder, and as good as Parker looked in his rematch win over Dereck Chisora, where the New Zealander was more spiteful with his punches, it’s possible a Wilder-Parker fight would be a thriller.