De La Hoya Says He Beat Mayweather In 2007: That’s His Motivation (For Taking A Rematch)

06/25/2021 - By James Slater - Comments

Oscar De La Hoya is still aiming to call out Floyd Mayweather for a return fight. Recently, Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe said there is absolutely no chance of a Mayweather-De La Hoya II happening. Well, Oscar either didn’t get that message, or he didn’t listen. Speaking with FightHype, De La Hoya said his plan is to call out Mayweather for a fight on Cinco de Mayo next year.

De La Hoya said he feels there is a real chance Mayweather will want to fight him again, primarily for the big money the fight would generate, but also because he “beat Mayweather the first time.”

“That’s his motivation,” De La Hoya said.

“I want to see how my body feels after this first one (with Vitor Belfort), and then I want to get back into it in November,” De La Hoya explained in breaking down his comeback plans. “I’m not sure what day exactly, but November was the one-year anniversary of Triller, when Tyson fought…and then, who knows, challenge Anderson Silva who just beat Chavez Jr. And then in May, Cinco de Mayo, call out Floyd Mayweather.”

De La Hoya says he wants to “make the biggest comeback in the history of the sport,” and his three-bout plan is Belfort, Silva, and then Mayweather. But will Oscar’s plans change after the Belfort exhibition in September? It is only an exhibition, yes, but De La Hoya, now aged 48, might get in there and realize it’s a whole lot tougher than he thought it would be. Maybe it would be better if De La Hoya had the one return bout, got it out of his system, and then went back to being a promoter.

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What real chance is there of seeing a Mayweather-De La Hoya II? On a scale of 1 to 10, maybe a 1? And did De La Hoya really beat Mayweather back in May of 2007? Oscar says he did win the fight, and the chance for Floyd to get the win this time, along with the opportunity to earn more millions, is why Floyd will fight him again:

“I think it’s all about money for him, so why not?” De La Hoya said with regards to his chances of getting the return fight. “I think there’s a lot of money for him to make in that fight. Yeah, I think so. Why not? I beat him the first time, let’s put it that way, so that’s his motivation.”

Mayweather’s motivation is making money, sure, but if it’s not from taking an easy exhibition bout, Floyd ain’t interested. But let’s see if De La Hoya gets as far as actually calling Mayweather out. If he does look and feel good against Belfort, might De La Hoya lose to Silva? Anything is possible.

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  1. The judges arent corrupt and never get it wrong…thats what you are saying when u say judges said mayweather won..lets be real Mayweather didnt beat the could have gone either way

    • Mayweather says Oscar didn’t connect . That’s true Oscar didn’t connect 65 % of his punches. Mayweather didn’t connect 90 % of his unless your counting Mayweather hitting Oscar’s gloves. Mayweather is great at punching Oscar’s gloves,Oscar unloaded a ton of body damage on Mayweathers abdomen. Oscar rocked him a few times ,Mayweather ran the entire fight.

  2. Dear Oscar, you are 48 years old. You have a net worth of 200 million why get back in the ring again. Stop with the false hoods. You lost to a better man. He was the better man the 3 judges ruled in his favor. Stop complaining about the past. Move on with your promotional company.

  3. Lol, everyone forgets, Mayweather’s a wife beater!! And that’s nothing to be proud of!!

    • You sound sour…. Just like Oscar. Three Judges appointed by the Nevada State Athletic Commission ruled in favor of Mayweather, end of story.

  4. Look floyd mayweather Jr would had beat sugar ray leonard , look what his dad did to sugar. And the ref was helping sugar. Ray was hitting below the belt too. No de la Hoya you will not ever beat Floyd. You did not beat him the first time.

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