De La Hoya, Hearn Agree: Munguia vs Berlanga Is A Hot One That Needs To Happen

By James Slater - 08/01/2023 - Comments

It’s no secret that Oscar De La Hoya and Eddie Hearn have had their differences, this to put it mildly. But nothing gets in the way of good business, or at least nothing should do, and nothing should get in the way of a potentially great match up. On this, it seems, De La Hoya and Hearn are, for now at least, in agreement.

Case in point: De La Hoya of Golden Boy has put out a tweet in which he has informed Hearn of Matchroom how the fight to make, for the fans, for the good of the sport that has seen some great matchmaking this year, is one between Jamie Munguia and Edgar Berlanga. In this regard, Oscar is now “waiting on Hearn’s call.”

Hearn, who spoke with IFL TV once again, made it clear he is more than willing to work with De La Hoya in order to get this “absolute war” signed and sealed.

“That was nice. All of a sudden he wants to make a fight,” Hearn said of De La Hoya. “He wants the fight, DAZN want the fight. We’ve already been talking to Golden Boy for a number of weeks about Munguia-Berlanga. Frank Smith (of Matchroom) met Eric Gomez (of Golden Boy) in L.A. Obviously, DAZN have said to Golden Boy, that’s the fight we want next – Munguia against Berlanga. Absolute epic fight, Mexico versus Puerto Rico, 50-50 fight, absolute war. Hopefully we can sit down with our friends at Golden Boy and get it made.”

Amen to that.

Who wouldn’t want to see this one go down? And, rest assured, someone would go down in the fight, be it the currently unbeaten Munguia or the currently unbeaten Berlanga. Some fights, some potential fights, when they are merely mentioned as a possibility, they make the fans almost shiver with excitement. This is one such fight.

Berlanga may not have been able to keep his incredible KO streak going, but the Puerto Rican has kept a clean sheet and he feels he is destined for great things. Munguia, who may well be coming off the fight that will scoop up FOTY honours when the times comes, this his all-out slugfest with Sergiy Derevyanchenko, could also go on to become the next great Mexican star.

Match these two together, as De la Hoya and Hearn want to do, and we fans will be the winners. To repeat, this fight has WAR written all over it, for as long as it lasts.

Let’s hope good business sense and a sense of what’s right for the sport dominates any feeling out process Hearn and De La Hoya go through as they circle one another ahead of getting this thing made!

But who wins if Munguia, 42-0(33) and Berlanga, 21-0(16) do get it on!