RESULTS: David Price Wins Wild Fight With Kash Ali As Ali Is Disqualified For Biting!

David Price is never in a dull fight, win or lose, and tonight’s fight in his home town of Liverpool bore this out in quite bizarre fashion. Going up against unbeaten 27 year old Kash Ali of Birmingham, Price was twice bitten and won by way of a fifth-round disqualification. The end came as Ali, Price’s former sparring partner, was hurt by a big shot and grabbed onto Price, dragging him to the canvas. With both men on the canvas in a messy heap, Ali bit Price in the side of his body.

The referee wasted no time in chucking Ali out and Price improved to 24-6(19). Ali falls to 15-1(7) and he left the arena to a torrent of boos. It was a rough fight, with Ali docked a point for hitting in the back of the head early on. Price, after finding his range, bloodied Ali’s face and got home with big shots to both head and body. Showing signs of distress, such as looking to his corner for help, Ali was first accused of biting Price in round-three. It was in this same round that the eight years younger man lost a point for hitting Price in the back of the head.

Ali, becoming more and more unravelled, then bit Price as the two were on the floor in the fifth and that was that. Price was justifiably furious, as was Sky Sports pundit Tony Bellew, who said Ali should be banned. It has been confirmed that Ali’s purse for tonight’s fight will be withheld. Price spoke after his DQ win and quite obviously he had nothing good to say about Ali. The two had had a war of words ahead of tonight’s fight, and Price says he felt all along Ali would “lose his head.”

“He gave it away in the press conference that he was going to lose his head,” Price said. “He was in the fight, he ruined it for himself. I’m not too pleased with my own performance. He said let’s do a rematch but I don’t want to share a ring with an animal like that. The winner of Lucas Browne against Dave Allen is one that I’m interested in.”

Browne and Allen will collide on April 20th, in what is expected to be an exciting slugfest, and Price against the winner would certainly appeal to the fans. Price’s up and down career is not over yet and he at least picked up a win tonight. As for the quite disgraceful Ali, it’s not clear where he goes from here.