David Price vs. Matt Skelton tonight in Liverpool

By ESB - 11/30/2012 - Comments

David Price vs. Matt Skelton tonight in LiverpoolBy Michael Collins: British/Commonwealth heavyweight champion David Price (14-0, 12 KO’s) faces a badly overmatched opponent tonight in 45-year-old Matt Skelton (28-6, 23 KO’s) at the Aintree Equestrian Centre, Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom. This isn’t a fight that’s going to give Price anything other than a brief sparring session before he knocks Skelton out.

The 29-year-old Price has been brought along really slowly despite his Olympic background and he needs to be pushed a little faster.

Price says “I’m moving fast towards a world title shot. Next year will be massive for me”

The talk is that Price will be looking to fight at 40ish American heavyweight in 2013. In other words, another journeyman level opponent that won’t do much for him. However, if the fight is televised in the United States, it will give American boxing fans a chance to see Price fight.

In Price’s last fight he defeated 41-year-old Audley Harrison by a 1st round knockout. It was strange that Price wanted the Harrison fight because this fight never looked to be one that would be competitive, and there’s nothing that Price could gain from the fight other than beating a fighter that the British boxing public was familiar with. Now Price 45-year-old in Skelton, and we’re pretty much going down the same road as Price’s last fight. The British public know about Skelton, but he doesn’t stand a chance and he’s far too old to give Price a competitive fight.

All of these soft touches that Price is fighting isn’t going to get him ready to fight the top fighters in the sport like the Klitschkos or some of the other top heavyweights. Price was already exposed in the Olympics as having a chin problem, and he really should be working on fighting guys that have some power so that he can learn some defense. Putting Price in with 40-years-old that are past their best is a sad waste of time for the 29-year-old Price. If Price were 22, then it would be somewhat understandable this slow approach but he’s not. He’s almost 30 and wasting time.

It’ll be really sad if Price’s next opponent is another older fighter in his 40s. It doesn’t matter if it’s an American or whoever. Price needs to start fighting younger guys that can actually still fight and who can test his fragile chin then way it’s going to be tested if and when he ever steps it up to fight the Klitschkos.

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David Price weighed in at a career high 250 lbs for his showdown against Matt Skelton in Liverpool, England. The 45-year-old Skelton weighed in nine pounds lighter at 243 pounds .