Daniel Dubois On The “Top Three,” Fury, Joshua, Wilder: Do They Still Want It As Much As I Do?

The way unbeaten heavyweight contender Daniel Dubois sees it, the top three heavyweights in the world right now are: Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder. And the soon to be 23 year old who many see as the future of the heavyweight division, is eyeing a fight with each of them. And Dubois feels he has what it takes to rule the division.

Speaking with Mail Online, Dubois said he has what it takes to be able to “dominate for a decade or more.” Not only that, but Dubois is talking about “overtaking Lennox Lewis as the best British heavyweight ever.” Dubois, 15-0(14) will box a tune-up against Erik Pfeifer, before facing fellow Brit Joe Joyce in his biggest pro fight to date. After that, assuming he comes through, it might be one of the “big three,” and Dubois feels he would beat Fury, Joshua and Wilder.

“I think AJ would be the most comfortable for me of fights against the current top three,” Dubois said. “His style looks to suit me. He knows what to expect from me: that I’d be on him. The most dangerous in terms of KO power [is Wilder]. If he still has enough left in him after being crushed by Fury. Against Wilder, I would have to use those skills that I’ve always had, for however long it takes, to be sure it’s me who lands the big shot before he does. Tyson’s the top dog at the moment. What he did to Deontay was fantastic. I will keep the pressure on him. And I will catch up with him at some point. If he comes charging at me like he did in the second fight with Wilder, I will knock him out early. If he goes back to moving and dancing, I will get him as he fades late.”

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Super-confidence and belief from Dubois. But this is how a young, gifted heavyweight should be, and Dubois sees no limit. With Fury, Joshua and Wilder all in their 30s, Dubois feels he will have too much huger and desire when the time comes for him to fight them. “Do they still want it as much as I do?” he asks.

“I have all the time ahead of me,” Dubois said. “And if I can then bid to overtake Lennox Lewis as the best British heavyweight ever. Hopefully even join him among Ali, Holyfield, Frazier, Tyson, Foreman as one of the best in history.”

Dubois had that well-documented sparring session with Joshua, during which, reports say, Dubois dominated AJ, and now the path to greatness is one “Dynamite” can see ahead of him. Who knows how far this exciting young heavyweight can go.