Daniel Dubois Says Trevor Bryan Has A “Soft Face” And He Wants To “Test That Chin”

By James Slater - 06/09/2022 - Comments

Trevor Bryan and Daniel Dubois came face-to-face in Miami yesterday evening, ahead of Saturday night’s fight that will see the unbeaten Bryan defend his WBA “regular” strap for the third time. The two men went at it during the face-off, with plenty of words exchanged. Bryan, later speaking with IFL TV, says he will “take [Dubois] into the deep waters and drown him.” Bryan added that he will “definitely make him think about quitting.”

IFL also spoke with “Dynamite,” and the once-beaten challenger (by Joe Joyce, when Dubois took a knee late, his eye seriously banged up; this where Bryan’s quit talk stems from) had plenty to say himself.

YouTube video

“I think he’s got a soft face,” Dubois said of Bryan. “He’s got a soft face, man (laughs). He looks like he’s been protected a lot, carefully guided. I want to get in there and test that chin. To me, it’s a world title fight. It’s a legit world title. I don’t think anyone will really care that it’s WBA-whatever. He is a world champion so for me it’s one hundred percent real. And it’s a stepping stone in the right direction for the main belt, so I’m looking forward to it. It’s a dream to come from a little kid to go for the world titles. I’d ready to crush him. I’m looking to put on a good show. Devastation, that’s all. I’m gonna go right at him and stick it on him. No messing.”

It could prove to be a good fight on Saturday, maybe a memorable action fight. Both guys appear to genuinely believe they will win and go on to bigger and better things. The legendary Don King has been in fine voice himself, speaking about, amongst other things, the Ukraine conflict, the scary possibility that President Putin could surpass Adolph Hitler in terms of mass genocide, and the great speech John F. Kennedy gave at The American University on June 10, 1963. Oh, and King also spoke about Saturday’s fight.

As we know, the heavyweight world title Bryan carries has been much maligned, but the fight is real and the action could be worth tuning in for. King has dubbed what will surely be one of his final cards, “The Fight For Freedom And Peace.”

It’s not quite “The Rumble In The Jungle,” but Bryan Vs. Dubois could prove to be a whole lot of fun. The promotion has been a giggle, for sure.