‘Creed III’ On The Way – And Canelo Alvarez Will Feature

Yet another instalment of the ‘Rocky’ saga is to be upon us soon. It has been announced how spin-off movie ‘Creed,’ which has already had a sequel, will have a third film, to come out next year. There was, for a while, some talk of Deontay Wilder appearing in ‘Creed III,’ as the son of ‘Rocky III’s’ Clubber Lang (and who knows, this may still happen?) Yet for now, it has been confirmed how Mexican superstar Canelo Alvarez will appear in the third spin-off movie, in either a cameo role, or with the 32 year old taking on a more substantial role.

Canelo – who will of course have many millions of eyes focused on him tonight when he fights fierce rival Gennadiy Golovkin in their trilogy bout – will join fighters such as Andre Ward, Tony Bellew, and Gabe Rosado in appearing in a ‘Creed’ movie. But can Canelo act? We will find out.

The storyline for ‘Creed III’ could prove interesting as, for the first time in a ‘Rocky’ movie, celebrated silver screen slugger Rocky Balboa will not be appearing in the franchise; with ‘Creed III’ to rely on the exploits of Adonis Creed when it comes to keeping the fans interested. Whether or not the film will work without “The Italian Stallion” being there to either root for or there to provide inspirational stuff for Adonis Creed remains to be seen.

How much more mileage can there be in the ‘Rocky’ story? We fans will check the forthcoming film out, for sure, but how many surprises can there possibly be in the new flick? The more boxing films, the better it is for the sport, say a number of people. Maybe they are right. And it cannot be denied how it will be interesting seeing Canelo in a ‘Rocky’ movie!

Canelo has already taken up things other than boxing to occupy his time, such as golf, and now he has added acting to his resume. The aforementioned Ward, Bellew and Rosado were great in ‘Creed II,’ while going back further than that, Antonio Tarver was perhaps surprisingly good in ‘Rocky Balboa.’ Tommy Morrison gave it a shot in ‘Rocky IV,’ and absolute and complete legends Joe Frazier and Roberto Duran both made appearances: Joe in the original film, Roberto in the sequel.

Now it’s Canelo Alvarez’ turn.

‘Creed III’ is set to hit movie theatres next March.