Conor Benn – Chris Eubank Jr Back On; June 3 In Abu Dhabi

By James Slater - 03/27/2023 - Comments

Various news outlets are reporting how last year’s aborted grudge match between Conor Benn and Chris Eubank Junior is back on, the new date being that of June 3, the venue Abu Dhabi. As fans know, the two sons of legends were to have fought in October of last year, only for Benn to sensationally fail two drugs tests; this after the naturally bigger Eubank Jr had shredded himself down to the agree weight of 157 pounds.

Now, as per The Daily Mail, the rematch is expected to take place at the full middleweight limit of 160 pounds, this far more comfortable and safe a poundage for Eubank, who has fought up at 168 pounds in his career. Benn, currently unlicensed to box in the UK, is a natural welterweight as we know and it will be interesting to see how the fight being fought at 160 pounds affects him.

The fight is not 100 percent official as of yet, but it looks likely to go ahead, there is too much money for the fight not to happen. Where this will leave Liam Smith, Manny Pacquiao and Kell Brook remains to be seen. Smith, who stopped Eubank back in January, was all set to fight Eubank a second time, this after Eubank reportedly activated the rematch clause he had at his disposal. Smith will now move on and he did say last week when speaking with IFL TV that if he cannot get either the Eubank rematch or a fight with a big name, he will look to become a two-time world champion.

Living legend Pacquiao was, according to Eddie Hearn” desperate” to get the fight with Benn, and who knows, maybe it will happen later this year. Most fans hope the nothing-at-all-to-prove Pacquiao stays retired, however. And Brook was supposedly close to fighting Benn, the former IBF welterweight champ said to be restless in retirement. Again, maybe this fight could still take place later this year.

But June 3 now looks to be the date as far as Benn and Eubank are concerned. Who wins if/when these two bitter rivals finally get it on? How much did that stoppage loss to Smith take out of Eubank, both physically and mentally? Who will the fans root for when Benn and Eubank get it on?