Chris Eubank Jr Says A Fight Between Him And Gennady Golovkin Would Be “Epic”

By James Slater - 08/31/2021 - Comments

Chris Eubank Jr has been calling for a big fight with Gennady Golovkin for the longest time. Eubank Jr is still calling for it, and he firmly believes the fight will be “epic” if it happens. Speaking with William Hill, Eubank Jr, who is trained by the great Roy Jones, said his goal is to win a world title this year and then fight GGG next year (assuming Golovkin beats Ryota Murata, who GGG is set to fight in Japan in December).

Eubank Jr, 30-2(22) insists he has learned so much from Jones and that he is ready to “pin down a big name.”

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“The goal is to secure a world title by December,” Eubank Jr said. “Having been WBA interim champion puts me in a great position and there’s a lot of big names out there, so it’s just about aligning those names and pinning them down. I’ve been targeting Golovkin for some time now, and I believe that’s a fight a lot of fans want to see. I believe he’s fighting Murata next, so those two names are off the list for the time being, but that’s a fight that will happen in the next six to nine months. Neither one of us is going to be running around the ring trying to avoid confrontation (when we do fight). We are both confrontational fighters so if you put those two styles in the ring, with my speed and his power…’s going to be epic.”

But will a Golovin-Eubank Jr fight actually happen? How much has GGG got left at age 39 (40 next April)? Will Golovkin, 41-1-1(36) actually beat Murata? How long will Triple-G choose to box on for if he does come through okay against Murata? Golovkin had had a long, long career – at both amateur and pro level – and he has been mostly inactive as of late (just one fight since October of 2019). How much more does GGG want to accomplish before he’s ready to call it quits? Also, what would a Eubank Jr fight do for Golovkin?

The fight we fans STILL want to see, far more than we do a Golovkin-Eubank Jr fight, is that third rumble between GGG and Canelo. Will that fight ever happen? It’s going to be interesting seeing how Golovkin, really one of the greatest middleweights of modern days, ends his career.