Chris Eubank Jr. has fixed his mistakes, ready for Liam Smith Tonight

By Michael Collins - 09/02/2023 - Comments

Chris Eubank Jr.’s new trainer Brian ‘BoMac’ McIntyre, says he worked hard on fixing the simple mistakes that he’d made in his last fight against Liam Smith (33-3-1, 20 KOs), and he’s now improved and ready to avenge that loss tonight at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England and live on ESPN+.

Adding the mastermind BoMac to his team as the new coach could be the key to unlocking the greatness that Eubank Jr. was always capable of.

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Until now, Eubank Jr. was a guy who was self-coached and not having the right guy to guide him. BoMac is a trainer who created Terence Crawford, making him the fighter he is.

The 33-year-old Eubank Jr. (32-3, 23 KOs) has the following advantages over the silver-haired 35-year-old ‘Beefy’ Smith:

– Power
– Speed
– Youth
– Mobility
– Height & reach
– Ring IQ
– Coaching

Eubank Jr. retooled for Smith rematch

“As we looked at this last fight, he was winning that fight. He just got a little bit careless,” said Brian ‘BoMac’ McIntyre to Boxing King Media about Chris Eubank Jr.’s fourth round knockout loss to Liam Smith on January 21st in Manchester.

Eubank Jr. easily won thee first three rounds in hiss fight with Smith on January 21st in Manchester, and then tragedy struck.

In round four, Eubank Jr. backed up to the corner without being pressured and was clocked by a hard elbow from Smith. That shot put Eubank Jr. at the mercy of a follow-up barrage that put him down.

Bravely, Eubank Jr. got to his feet but was once again parked on the canvas by Smith. The fight had to be stopped after Eubank Jr. got back up because he was totally out of it, looking like someone incapable of fighting.

“Me and the other coaches can fix his mistakes. He should come out of this fight victoriously,” BoMac continued about Eubank Jr. “The first thing you want to try to do is to correct his mistakes.

“You don’t want to try and change his style. Just correct his mistakes and some of the mistakes that he does; he always knows how to correct them. He just needs reminders.

“It’s just like when you first start boxing. Once you get back to the basics, you should be alright.

“Being the age that he is, he still has a couple of years left on him and some big fights for him. As long as he’s disciplined and dedicated to his craft every day, he should be alright,” BoMac said.

BoMac fixed Eubank Jr’s mistakes

“Definitely,” said BoMac when asked if the mistakes Eubank Jr. made in the first Liam Smith fight were easy to correct. “All you got to do is remind him. He already understands boxing itself, and the mistakes that he was making are the ones that you make when you first start boxing.”

We’ll see on Saturday night if BoMac has fixed Eubank Jr.’s mistakes or not because the ones that he tends to make are the kind that can lead to him getting knocked out by Beefy Smith.

“He just needs a reminder. That’s it. Keep reminding him throughout the rounds, throughout the camp,” said BoMac. “Pound it in his head. So he can continue to work on them. As far as boxing goes, he already got that down. It’s just the mistakes he was making.

“That is accurate. One thing about our camp, it is definitely structured. That’s why we put out champions, that’s why we’ve got contenders, and that’s why we’ve got contenders coming up that want to be part of the camp.

“You’ve got to have structure. You can’t let a fighter do what he wants to do. It’s just like a family. I’m a leader. Everybody else stands beside me, and we just push forward.

“Of course,  we’ve got other trainers with their input and their suggestions, and plus, we do classroom work, film stuff, and things of that nature.

“I wouldn’t say that. The elbow played a big factor,” said BoMac when asked if the elbow that Liam Smith hit Eubank Jr. with in the fourth round last January played a factor in the outcome.

“As far as the weight goes, I couldn’t really tell you that because I wasn’t there, but now that we’ve got the strength & conditioning and he moves forward, he [Eubank Jr.] should be alright with the weight.

“Right now, we just want to get past this fight and go back to the drawing board and sit down with the team,  his team, himself and see if we can make this a longtime relationship,” said BoMac when asked if he’ll be working with Eubank Jr. longterm after this fight.

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