Can Anyone Defeat Tyson Fury? Maybe Oleksandr Usyk Is Up To The Mighty Task?

I don’t know about you, but right now, in my mind, the most utterly fascinating heavyweight match-up that can be made at elite level, is Tyson Fury Vs. Oleksandr Usyk. For all the marbles, with two unbeaten modern greats going at it – what’s not to like, or get intrigued by? Of course, there is some way to go before this fight can happen (and if Anthony Joshua can reverse his loss to Usyk, AJ will be entitled to one big apology; the same will go to Dillian Whyte if he gets next crack at Fury and beats him).

But begging the pardon of AJ and Dillian, there seems to be only man out there right now who might – might – be able to defeat Fury. How does another fighting man, born from you know where, beat Fury? It’s pretty much a given that this man, whoever he is (if he even exists) will not knock Fury out. We’ve enough evidence now, concrete stuff, that tells us Fury has got, if not a granite chin, then the most impressive recuperative powers belonging to a heavyweight this side of Larry Holmes,

No, to beat Fury, to defeat him, a boxing master-class is needed. The man in the opposite corner will need to implement non-stop lateral movement so as to not allow the hammer-fisted Fury to get set, he will need to have the kind of exquisite discipline to be able to stick to a near perfect game-plan, he will need to throw getting on for 60 or more shots a round, with plenty of them landing, he will need a great defence and a solid chin – in short, he will need to use every ounce of his boxing IQ, along with showing some real heart and toughness. Maybe Usyk is up to the mighty task. Maybe.

As big as he is, as nimble as he is and as big and strong as he is, Fury can be hit, and hurt. Usyk would literally have to be near-perfect, hitting Fury with rapid, plentiful, stinging shots. If he could pile up enough points and stay out of the way from the beefy shots that took down Deontay Wilder, then maybe Usyk would be in with a good chance of marking Fury up, of bossing enough rounds, of winning a decision. Maybe.

It’s a truly intriguing prospect, seeing the two best heavyweights in the world today, the men with all the belts, going at it in a complete clash of both styles and personalities. It’s so easy to think that Usyk, as good as he is, would be just too small against Fury (how would the former cruiserweight cope with Fury’s rough and tough stuff, his holding and leaning on, his pushing and shoving – 270 pounds or so against 220 pounds or so?). But in terms of boxing ability, maybe Usyk would be able to use a hit-and-hop-it approach, where he would make Fury think he was surrounded by a swarm of bees he would not be quick enough to be able to swat away.

Again, it’s a mighty, mighty task Usyk would/will face, if/when he fights Fury, but in terms of skills, brains and a desire for real and absolute greatness, just maybe the southpaw from Ukraine is capable of pulling it off. Maybe.

Would you care to name another heavyweight who has a better shot of outboxing Fury, of hitting him and making him miss, of frustrating him and being able to see it to the final bell and collecting a close decision win? If so, please go ahead.

21 thoughts on “Can Anyone Defeat Tyson Fury? Maybe Oleksandr Usyk Is Up To The Mighty Task?”

  1. I saw a picture with fury’s fingers were clearly visible through the leather glove again.
    The Nevada State Athletic Commission approved those gloves again.

  2. Deontay Wilder is the only hope for the restoration of the honor of the United States Of America. This Olympic Metalist with a highly decorated boxing career will bring back to America the respect she deserves. Deontay Wilder is still an active heavyweight

  3. There’s a lot of people who can defeat fury. The key is to enforce bloodwork results. This crack head always was a crackhead always high especially when fighting.
    He is high on.crank, all cranked up and his opponents water spiked with downers.
    He fights bare knuckle and his opponents have padded gloves.
    You fury fan boys are delusional and in denial about being deluded

  4. 270 pounds doesn’t mean as much as boxing experts claim. Movement how you move is what makes a good fighter. Drugged opponents so they can’t move is the relevant issue. Deontay Wilder was drugged and fury should be forced to obey the rules or pay. Movement, speed,. coordination, timing, highly practiced combinations, power. Deontay Wilder was drugged because he has it all and fury doesn’t. That’s why you guys are celebrating knowing fury’s inferior by far to Deontay Wilder.

  5. Fury will keep winning for as long as he’s allowed to lean 270 lbs on his opponents. He’s an overhyped fat talentless joke.

  6. In America you can’t even get a job at Walmart without passing a drug test. This guy gets all the benefit of the doubt. Not in the Ukrainian or Russia, you just let him try and he will be held accountable again. And it’s about time.

  7. It is likely that Oleksandr Usyk will be fighting fury for unification. Since fury is banned in the UK, Usyk wants to meet in his part of the world. That means fury won’t to even try getting slick again. They will investigate over there. Last time fury was caught on cocaine, steroids, and spiking klitschkos water all kinds of things. It was so bad they stripped fury’s license and belt. It wasn’t vacated.

  8. You wanna hear the same thing from everyone, the moment someone disagrees with you, you have a tower tantrum, fall.on the floor, start kicking your feet, wailing your arms and screaming,” waaaa waaaa if I don’t get my way, I am going to hold my breath till I turn purple.”

    • You’re trapped. You must vote, act, worship, and live a certain way or people will talk bad about you, your wife will get mad, you will get fired.
      Deontay Wilder would have won every fight with out fury cheating. Everyone knows that. I just say it. Do you wanna know why, or what forces me to be honest with myself?

    • You are a deluded fury’s fanboy who is delusional, once a crackhead cheat always a crack head cheat.

  9. Anthony Joshua was cultivated and manufactured, and made up to be image wise as a misrepresentation or exaggeration of his accomplishment level in the ring was and Oleksandr Usyk reveal that. Similarly fury was developed through media advertising and public relations campaigns. In other words, fury cheated, he is terrible at it too.

  10. The Nevada State Athletic Commission approved old gloves with no padding again despite Deontay Wilders teams objections. Deontay Wilder had padding in his gloves and fury didn’t again, he was fighting bare knuckle again.

  11. Deontay Wilder was cheated again. There’s no way fury could ever beat Deontay Wilder without cheating.

  12. The same question…can anyone beat him… has been asked before, right around the times Foreman lost to Ali, and when Douglas kayoed Tyson.

    • Yes Oleksandr Usyk can beat fury. Deontay Wilder was victimized by a few organizations conspiring to commit defrauding through burying evidence, not investigating at all. Meanwhile amateur reporters are documenting eggweight loaded gloves padding repositioning advantage floppy gloves and the richest, smartest, most knowledgeable boxing experts are blind as a bat. The Nevada State Athletic Commission approved old gloves despite Deontay Wilders teams objections. Deontay Wilder had padded gloves fury didn’t. Get out of boxing fury, you’re bad for boxing.

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