Broner vs. Redkach in jeopardy, Ivan says he’s “done with boxing”

By Rob Smith - 01/16/2023 - Comments

The February 25th fight between Adrien ‘The Problem’ Broner and Ivan Redkach on BLK Prime is now in jeopardy after three cryptic Tweets posited by Redkach, suggesting that he’s no longer planning on fighting.

There’s zero interest in the Broner-Redkach fight, so perhaps BLK Prime might be pulling the plug on this albatross. Why it was ever made in the first place is beyond me.

All I can think is that the shot callers with BLK Prime aren’t fully aware that Broner has been shot since 2012. It’s as if they were put in suspended animation back in 2011 when AB’s career was still humming along and just now unfrozen in 2023.

Regarding what’s going on with the 36-year-old Redkach, it’s unclear if it’s a money issue or what. If Redkach is out of the fight, a replacement will need to be found quickly if BLK Prime will save the card.

Finding someone that Broner is capable of beating could prove near impossible at this point because he’s gotten nothing left. Half of the battle will be for Broner to trim off enough of his pot belly to get close enough to 147 for the fight to be totally ridiculous.

If Redkach does pull out, there won’t be many upset fans because this guy has done nothing to rate a fight, even against an over-the-hill Broner. Redkach has come up empty in recent losses to Regis Prograis and Danny Garcia. He hasn’t won a fight since 2019 when he beat the shell of Devon Alexander.

If BLK Prime needs an opponent that won’t be a risk to soundly beating Broner in the first fight of his three-fight, 12-month, $10 million+ contract with them, they can at least find someone that is semi-relevant.

Options for Broner

  • Montana Love
  • Steve Spark
  • Michael McKinson
  • Sergey Lipinets
  • Brandun Lee
  • Sandor Martin
  • Richardson Hitchens
  • Isaac Cruz

If Broner is matched against some lightweights, he’ll have a better chance of winning, and it’ll bring in more PPV buys on BLK Prime because at least the fighter will be recognizable to this era’s boxing fans.

Broner (34-4-1, 24 KOs) has been looking awful in his last five fights dating back to 2017, so a mediocre fighter must be found so he won’t get beaten again.