Breaking: Anthony Joshua – Tyson Fury have agreed to site deal for summer fight

Matchroom Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn has revealed moments ago that both sides have agreed on the site deal offer for the Anthony Joshua vs. Tyson Fury fight, and that they’re finalizing it now with it slated to take place in the summer.

Hearn isn’t going into specifics now about the date and the location of the Joshua – Fury, but he says there be an official announcement coming soon revealing when and where the match will take place.

Hearn, who promotes Joshua, was highly pleased today in speaking about the fight having been agreed on. He’s been working on finding a location and a date for the Joshua-Fury fight for months, and it’s come at the perfect time.

Hearn confirms the fight will definitely take place in the summer, and the second one in December. It was never open for discussion for the first Joshua vs. Fury fight to be scheduled for later this year. The summer was the choice, and that’s what’s it’s going to be.

“What I will tell you is both sides have approved the site offer that they want to go with, and now we’re just finalizing the site deal and we’re in a great place,” said Hearn to Behind The Gloves on Joshua and Fury both having agreed to the site deal.

“I don’t think Deontay Wilder even wants the fight with Tyson Fury,” said Hearn when asked if Wilder’s mediation with the Gypsy King could get in the way of the Joshua-Fury clash.

“I think he [Wilder] just wants to cause trouble, and I think he’s looking for some money. It’s a shame because it’s a fight that boxing needs. It’s not going to be derailed by them, but it is quite annoying because you can’t ignore something like that. You have to go through the right channels and make sure it’s dealt with, and that’s what Bob Arum is doing.

“From our point of view, I don’t see that being an issue in the fight,” said Hearn.

41 thoughts on “Breaking: Anthony Joshua – Tyson Fury have agreed to site deal for summer fight”

  1. Did you see Deontay Wilders head injury after the metal loaded gloves broke the bones in his temple area ?

  2. Anthony joshua signed a 50/50 deal with fury before the close of the business day .
    It’s been years and anthony joshua will not sign the contract for either Luis Ortiz le Deontay Wilder .
    Why is that ?

    • Deontay Wilder was offered a multiple fight deal to fight two other fighters first and then , perhaps anthony joshua would fight him .
      Deontay Wilders counteroffer was 50 ,000,000 to fight Deontay Wilder .
      A j declined .

  3. The anthony joshua vs fury fight isn’t happening , damned Eddie Hearn just keeps on and on and on .

  4. Yes we agree. Boxing is more corrupt than ever All of Bob Arums fighters are leaving him . Óscar, Manny , he keeps their whole.paycheck 45 percent .

  5. Deontay Wilder was set up by a number of people who conspired to commit theft and fraud . Openly visible , blatantly and visibly .
    Anthony joshua was drugged in his first fight with Andy Ruiz , and Dillian Whyte and almost every top european use steroids on a regular basis . It’s legal in Europe to fight on steroids all they do is get a medical exemption for low testosterone levels even after the match .
    In America , our fighters aren’t allowed to use them ,
    So fury failed the drug test and was a I’ll allowed to participate .
    Everyone knows it .
    The european belt holders don’t deserve to be called champions .
    Anthony joshua won’t fight the best , fury has a legacy of glove tampering cocaine bribery steroids and enhancement drugs licence suspension permanently for cheating in the UK .
    Promoters personifying evil , criminal .
    This time they took it too far
    This evil doesn’t stop there , it spreads .

  6. The long standing Deontay Wilder law suit to force fury to honor the rematch clause may force fury to fight Deontay Wilder whether he wants to or not clearly fury is looking for the quickest way to fight anthony joshua two fight deal without honering his contractual obligations with Deontay Wilder .
    Rumor has it that Deontay Wilder has rejected the 10 million dollar step aside money that would allow fury to face the easiest opponents .

  7. The world doesn’t want this a. j. fury right , only the uk . The world wants a champion that will be defending the title again . We want a worthy belt holder .

  8. The whole world is so tired of waiting for so long . Deontay Wilder fights every 4 months , why hasn’t there been any title defense ?

  9. Your crack real hasn’t even started with submitting the paperwork petitioning for a voluntary title defense with the WBC .

    • Seems you have already ran out of time . You have exceeded the 12 month deadline for title defense by a long shot . Now Deontay Wilder has postponed the fight for another 4 months till September .

  10. Seriously , this fight isn’t anywhere near happening .
    Deontay Wilder just postponed the fight for another 4 months to September .

    • This isn’t the first time Deontay Wilder has postponed the fight and it likely won’t be the last .

  11. Michael Collins.,
    This law suit that Deontay Wilder has been suing us with for over an year now is no longer in mediation it has escalated to arbitration .

    • Deontay Wilder hates gypsy’s so much ventured down 10 Million dollars step aside money . The only reason Deontay Wilder wants to fight fury is because he doesn’t like gypsy’s .

  12. Liar liar pants on fire .
    You know it’s in arbitration now not mediation , you know this fight will never happen .
    Not in the UK and not in the greatest country in the world the United States of America .

  13. Watch Daniel Penas boricua zionist nation utube channel .
    ” Is tyson fury a fighting man or a macho man . “

    • You tech support workers for ease side boxing are the best in the business , the most competent and the most capable
      It’s always a pleasure sharing boxing news with someone who really knows boxing .

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