Brandon Rios: “We Know He Can’t Take a Good Punch”

When Brandon Rios and Manny Pacquiao signed their respecting contracts to face each other, the boxing community wasn’t sure whether this fight should count as a legitimate comeback for Manny Pacquiao. Brandon Rios is no Marquez after all. Boxing forums were buzzing with people’s dislike of this fight, calling it anything from a waste of time, to nothing more but a sparring session for Pacman.

Nonetheless, slowly but surely the boxing fans and the media cooled their jets, and began to get progressively interested in the outcome. Brandon Rios is a good, strong, young, and hungry for respect fighter, and we have seen him take a punch. With the fight getting closer, there is talk that it is not all that crazy, to think that Rios will end Pacquiao’s career come November 23, 2013.

While the boxing population has cooled their hothead views of the match-up, Brandon Rios is just getting fired up. While showing some respect for Pacquiao, Rios’s approach to the way he sees the current Manny might be the very thing that hurts Rios come fight night.

“Marquez has tested his chin already. And we know he can’t take a good punch. And I can hit hard, so I guess I’m going to test his chin again,” stated Rios in an interview with Los Angeles Times.

Manny Pacquiao has gone through too many wars against too many legends to say that he can’t take a punch. His knockout loss to Marquez was more likely an isolated occurrence. No, I am not calling it a lucky punch, but not only did Pacquiao not see it, not only was it a counter-punch, and not only did Marquez put a lot of body weight behind it, it also landed perfectly. In other words, this was one of the best counter-punches in a very long time.

If Brandon is judging Pacquiao’s strengths or weaknesses based on his fight against Bradley or Marquez, I expect team Rios to be looking at plan B or C come fight night.

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