Bob Arum insists Fury vs. Usyk “is not going to fall through”

02/16/2023 - By Rob Smith - Comments

Tyson Fury’s promoter Bob Arum says his April 29th fight against Oleksandr Usyk “won’t fall through,” and it’ll now be taking place at Wembley Stadium in London because the Saudis are unable to stage the fight in their country during that time period.

Arum states that the money that the Fury-Usyk fight would have made considerably more if they could have staged it in Saudi Arabia, but again, that time frame doesn’t work.

While there will be far less money to stage the fight in London at Wembley, Arum believes it’ll bring in big numbers on pay-per-view from the U.S and UK fans and bring in big gate numbers.

When asked about his interest in matching Fury against Anthony Joshua, Arum said that’s a possible fight that can take place later this year, provided AJ wins his next contest against American Jermaine Franklin on April 1st in London.

Fury-Usyk to take place at Wembley Stadium

“The date is pretty much set. It’s the last week in April, and we’re looking to place the fight at Wembley Stadium, and we’re getting close with negotiations with Usyk and his promoter, K2 and Tyson,” said Bob Arum to iD Boxing about the Tyson Fury vs. Oleksandr Usyk fight.

“Fury-Usyk is not going to fall through. Hopefully, we can get busy with that fight a early as next week, and get the thing going. I’d like two to do a couple of press conferences in London and bring the fighters over to New York, because the fight will do really good business on pay-per-view in the United States, even though the star time will be a little bit early.

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“For the east, it’s six or seven at night. It’s a big fight. People want to watch that fight. The money if the fight was to be held in Saudi Arabia, which it’s not going to be because they’re not anxious to do that fight in the time period required.

“You’ve got to put that aside because the money is very big compared to what is realistic. The real money from the fight, which will be the UK gate, pay-per-view, American pay-per-view, and the other revenue from foreign sales, will be very, very big as a fight, but it pales in comparison to the Saudi money, but the Saudi money is not realistic because Saadi Arabia is not available to do the fight in the time period that is required by the organizations,” said Arum.

Fury vs. Usyk to be negotiated behind closed doors

“I like Alex [Krassyuk], and he’s a nice guy, and he’s Ukrainian,” Arum continued. “I love Ukraine, but he should shut up and not negotiate in the press. I will not negotiate this fight in the press even a little.

“The negotiations have to be behind the scenes. The Usyk people because I know his manager Egis Klimas. We have a lot of people that he manages that we promote. He’s a terrific guy, very sensible.

“We can come to an understanding with him and Tyson, so I’m not going to talk about percentages and statements because once you start negotiating in the press, it all falls apart because then the ego of people come to the fore, and that trumps common sense.

“So let it be behind the scenes.  I’m sure we’ll put it together and hopefully have an announcement shortly. He [Krassyuk] was negotiating in the press.

“I am NOT going to negotiate in the press. I’m very optimistic because of who we’re dealing with, and the kind of calender of people they are that we’ll be able to put this fight to bed.