Arum reacts to Keith Thurman’s comments

Promoter Bob Arum doesn’t understand where Keith Thurman is coming from with him calling him ‘cheap’ and saying that he can’t afford to pay him his asking price to challenge Terence Crawford for his WBO welterweight title.

Arum says he’s not going to go into his Top Rank company’s resources to pay a fighter like Thurman (29-1, 22 KOs) more than a fight is worth.

Thurman rumored to have wanted $10 million originally for ta fight against Crawford (37-0, 28 KOs), but he later said he would take less than what.

But Arum said that he couldn’t even half of that amount to pay the former WBA/WBC welterweight champion ‘One Time’ Thurman, which suggests that he doesn’t see the fight as big enough to support that kind of a purse for him.

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It’s understandable where Arum is coming from, as Thurman’s career is tanking badly since his fight with Danny Garcia in 2017.

Thurman has fought twice since then, struggling to beat fringe contender Josesito Lopez in early 2019 and then losing to 41-year-old Manny Pacquiao in July of that year.

Arum reacts to Thurman calling him cheap

“Yeah, I saw that. What the hell is he talking about that I’m being cheap,” said Arum to iFL TV about Keith Thurman calling him cheap.

Bob Arum, Keith Thurman - Boxing News

“I’ve been in this boxing business for many years, and there were fighters that always said that promoters like myself and particularly [Don] King that it was not fair that there was a pie and we were getting this percentage.

“They said we should be getting a smaller percentage. That was one thing, that was the normal argument. Are we as a promoter taking too big of a share?

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“That’s legitimate, that makes sense. But it doesn’t make sense to say to a promoter, ‘We know it’s a pandemic, we know there’s a limited amount of money, but go into your own pocket and pay me what I want to get paid,'” said Arum.

“For Christ’s sake, there has to be some kind of business element. I would say to Thurman, ‘Hey, have someone else promote the fight, let them lose money, and I promise I’ll buy a ringside ticket to see the fight,'” said Arum.

Thurman seems to be going by the belief that a fight between him and Crawford, 33, would bring in enough pay-per-view buys to cover his purse requirements.

Even if it brings enough money to cover Thurman’s purse, there would need to be enough money to satisfy Crawford’s demands.

He’d likely want just as much money if not more than Thurman. Top Rank could lose a fortune if the Crawford vs. Thurman fight fails to bring in many buys on PPV.

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Crawford doesn’t have a track record as a pay-per-view, and that’s a big problem. In his two fights on pay-per-view against Amir Khan and Viktor Postol, they failed to bring in big numbers.

Bob doesn’t want to lose money on Thurman

“We have really, like other promoters, suffered during this pandemic without a revenue stream of a live gate, without the United States, the pay-per-view is limited because people like to do it and make parties,” Arum said.

Bob Arum, Keith Thurman - Boxing News

“You can’t do closed circuit in bars and restaurants, but we’ve done it, and we’ve lost money doing it, but it was under control.

“But I am not going into our [Top Rank] resources and pay a fighter a lot more money that is available in a particular fight. If he said to me, ‘You got to get this money and the fighters should get all of it because there’s a pandemic and you’re not entitled to get it.’

“I take a little umbrage on that and I would accept it. But don’t tell me I got to do the fight and go into my pockets for millions of dollars to make the fight happen. Why? What’s the reasons for that? It makes no sense,” said Arum.

The fact that Thurman is on the downside of his career, no longer a world champion, and fighting infrequently, a match between and Crawford would be doomed on pay-per-view.

Thurman appears to be looking to cash out with title shots that he doesn’t deserve one after another. He’s been sitting on his backside since losing to Pacquiao in 2019, not lifting a finger to get back into the ring to beat a top contender.

Thurman wants the title shots to come to him in a passive way like gravity, something falling into his lap without him having to work hard for it like normal fighters.

This sense of entitlement is working against Thurman, as he’s already been turned down for a fight against IBF/WBC welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr, and not Arum letting him know that there’s no interest.

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  1. The problem with boxing is PPV. It’s becoming a small sport because it’s not expanding it’s viewership to a limited audience. Sure the promoters and fighters make money but the sport itself loses. Most championship fights are PPV. Who can afford that during these times? I’m showing my age but boxing became popular when the fights were broadcast on the major networks. Muhammad Ali became famous with Howard Cosell. Another thing that that’s killing boxing is that the matches they do promote and broadcast are unevenly matched. I call them pit bulls against poodles, that are only after knockouts but have no competitive value, garbage fights. Once a great sport boxing has become mediocre and predictable. I think it will become a victim of its greed.

    • Well keith what goes around comes around, so stop crying wait until your turn comes back around the best thing you can do is stay in shape because somebody will need a replacement. Just say in shape, somebody will call, get in the best shape you can. You doing it the the wrong way, get in the gym I think all fighters should do stay in the gym, don’t wait until a you get fight to start training that means short camp.

  2. Arum is being cheap but Thurman did himself no favors by ducking Errol Spence, Jr. Now, Crawford is in this race against time, Thurman is considered a laughingstock in this point of his career and Bob Arum is playing himself by paying fighters these paltry sums. Tell you what, Bobfather: take that money you would have used on them Beverly Hills mansions and save your promotion.

  3. Keith was dead on the fkn money. Arum cheap asf! Dont wanna pay his fighters , dont put em in play for championships and he said himself he aint willing to break bread.

  4. Everybody forgot, when Keith had the belt he ran from Crawford and Spence. The only reason he battled Manny because of Manny’s age and he thought he was going to win. But Manny surprised him. So go sit back in your rocking chair Keith we don’t want to see you fight. Coward

    • None of them will beat Pacquiao. They’re just not good enough. Manny still has a good three fights in him, and they’ll all be wins.

    • Crawford might be able to be Thurman Porter and Pacquiao but not EJ no chance in hell he beat Earl talking about Crawford

    • Yes….. I agree with that 💯💪👍👍👌. This is what’s going on in boxing Keith Thurman is a bum and can’t take a body shot. Spence is nice with his 👊🤛, but he avoiding Crawford. Wanting to fight 40 y/o Pac-Man…. WTF…. The Crawford fight will tell if Spencer is the best. Bud has been the best for quite some time…. and everyone keeps moving up in weight just to avoid fighting him.

    • Crawford is the number one pound for pound fighter out there. And yes the clock is running. I do feel like Spence has talent, but unless he stops running from Crawford he can’t call himself a Champion!!!
      Everyone I know would pay for this fight!!

  5. Thurman is washed up you wouldn’t give Bud a shot you ran from Spence you’re GARBAGE Bud will beat the BREAKS off you you see Spence don’t want it

  6. Thurman needs to shut up He got whipped by 41 years old Pacman and have the audacity to demand 5 million against Crawford After the fight with Pacquiao he made comments that he hung in there and finish the fight. Dude you lost your belt to an old fighter. If you had won you wouldn’t be begging for money now

    • When people talk pound-for-pound it’s Canelo Alvarez without a doubt he’s got the resume have everything else to go along with that title.

    • Crawford is possibly the most underrated boxer today. But yes, I absolutely agree that he’s the top pound for pound in that weight class. I pick Crawford over Spence, Thurman, Garcia…

  7. M.Pacman won that fight no doubt.keith got beat. Keith is a good figther but wont bring the money in .a fight that will be good for crawford will be spence or M.pacman ect.

  8. Keith Thurman is a good fighter,I do believe he would destroy Crawford and I believe Spence is the greatest fighter of all them boxers

    • Thurman u talk shtttt alots to my homie senator manny”8 devision world champion” think abt that” u have to watch the story of my homie” kid kulafo” that manny” do not under estimate”our senator’ look what” happened to u” 1rnd u knock down” u almost thru out” ur mouthpiece_ and after the fight u change ur attitude w’ll u have interview” my homie give u a lesson”” bcz ur dummmmm””

  9. If these guy’s, would just take a pay cut, then we’d probly could all watch them fight on regular cable. Then we’d see who’s El Mazz Mancho!! Unfortunately all of the unemployed .Barley makeing it to provide for their families and pay their rents! Will have to watch reruns of Mr. Thurman talking trash and getting his lunch handed to him from a humbled Older,way older Manny Pacquiao reruns!!! Say hello to Thomas Hitman Hearns, from Suger Ray for us!!

  10. I want to see someone punch Keith Thurman in the mouth and knock him out cold, maybe he will keep his mouth shut. He ran his mouth so much and thought he was so good and high and mighty, I was glad to see Manny beat his butt, and it should’nt been no split D. And Show time Shawn his behind, but the judges took it from him. So Thurman shut your mouth and go hide back in your Lil corner.

    • We all had to cut back a little, one day,when the money,and his pretty lil oriental wife is gone,hes gonna wish he took that pay cut! Much respect for Mr.Thurman,but like my comment earlier , we all are trying in this world,we all had to compromise. So why dont he take a pay cut?If he beats Bud,then Money and the skys the limit! Stay safe folks,and keep your heads up! FT.Worth,TX is still here Cabrones,and lets go Cowboys!!!

    • Thurman has the following choices:
      Rematch with Danny
      Fight Ugas for the regular title
      Go up and challenge Charlo
      Beat a young gun like Enis/Ortiz jr.

      I would like to see Thurman appear on an under card against Broner, Khan or Brook. At this point, One time is a $1mil to $2mil fighter and as soon as he realizes that, the better off he will be.

    • I agree with thurman that boy arum is cheap!!!he did lose all of his GREATS because of the $$$. I think bud should leave too. case he’s clearly one of the best pound for pound but arum ain’t gettinghim the exsposure to protect it!!!

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