Apparently, the weight is “dripping off” Tyson Fury as he trains for ring return

Is it eighteen pounds or is it 22? According to the man himself, unbeaten former heavyweight king Tyson Fury, it is eighteen pounds he has already shed whilst training in sunny Marbella; while according to his good friend, reigning and undefeated WBO middleweight champ Billy Joe Saunders, Fury has already loss 22 pounds in weight.

The world is now waiting for a Tyson Fury-Anthony Joshua superfight, a fight that would in all probability surpass the enormous box-office success this past Saturday’s Joshua-Wladimir Klitschko enjoyed. As to whether Joshua Vs. Fury would result in as good a fight, well, that’s an entirely different story. But the boxing world does want to see the two undefeated twenty-somethings go at it, and Fury is, according to himself and to Billy Joe, working hard to make it happen.

Fury released a short video on social media talking about his current training progress, in which he informs us training is “all good,” and that the excess weight he piled on whilst out of action (inactive of course since his own equally impressive win over Klitschko in November of 2015) is “melting off, dripping off.” Saunders spoke with Talksport and he too confirmed the former champ is “in a good place” and that he means business in training.

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Fury better be training hard if he really wants to come back and derail new star/superstar Joshua. For Joshua showed against Klitschko he is the real deal; possessing raw courage, a chin and, perhaps most graphically, brutal punching power. Fury insists he will “play with” AJ when the two fight (and they WILL fight, the sheer amount of money on the table will see to that), even going further, saying he can beat Joshua “with one hand tied behind my back.”

We will see about that, and we will all pay handsomely to do so. Joshua and Fury are already rich men, AJ in particular, but their fight will make them many £$millions more. Fury is the better boxer, Joshua the far more vicious puncher. Who wins? Again, much will be written about this when the fight is signed, sealed and delivered.

For what it’s worth, my guess is we will see it take place in a huge stadium in the UK next spring or summer. And who will want to miss it?!