Andre Berto it is!

In the sport of boxing, securing a bout against the PPV king Floyd Mayweather Jr., is an equivalent of winning the lottery. Not only does it elevate one’s stock so to say, but it most certainly guarantees a tremendous payday.

Sometimes the rivals crossing the ropes against Mayweather Jr. are those who had long been aiming and clawing their way to the top, just to get a crack at the undefeated boxing superstar. This isn’t always the case though, because other times, the champion surprises all with his unpredictable decision on who he decides to fight next.

If anyone had mentioned the plausibility of a Floyd Mayweather Mayweather Jr. (48-0-0) vs. Berto (30-3-0) bout a few months ago, most would assume them to be delirious. Andre Berto is of course a talented fighter, with experience and a respectable record, but the likelihood of him posing any threat to Mayweather Jr. is nonexistent.

Some call this choice by Mayweather Jr. illogical, others claim that he is trying to end his career without taking any risks. This has to be comparable to Manny Pacquiao facing Chris Algieri, where the result was essentially written in stone before the fight took place.

Of course there is always a puncher’s chance, a possibility of the champion being unfocused, injured, or simply not properly prepared. Still, odds come from a fairly accurate prediction by using a mathematical and in some instances professional experience based approach.

Since Berto is the latest winner of the Mayweather Jr. lottery, this will be his greatest opportunity to display his boxing abilities in the ring against the best fighter in the world, win or lose. Who knows, maybe we are all in for a surprise, but we will have to wait until September 12 to see for ourselves.