Amir Khan still wants shot at Mayweather, says he’ll KO Broner!

While former 140-pound king Amir Khan is still getting used to the frustrating fact that superstar Floyd Mayweather Junior will not be giving him a shot at his titles in his next fight (and in fact just jerked Khan around wasting his time, this despite the fact that Khan actually won the Twitter poll: ‘who should I fight: Khan or Maidana,’ that Mayweather set up so as to “let the fans decide,”) the 27-year-old has not given up complete hope of one day challenging the unbeaten master.

Taking to his Twitter account to address a number of issues, Khan today also spoke about who he may fight next. Khan first refuted the fact that British rival Kell Brook and his team have not offered him the $5 million that has been widely reported:

“So many articles that I’ve been offered 5m dollars to fight, I would just like to clarify my team have not been offered anything.”

Not that Khan is interested in fighting Brook, not at this point in time anyway:

“I don’t refuse any challenge from TOP fighters, I only refuse the low ones. Fighting Brook won’t get me the Floyd fight….Fighting Broner, Guerrero, Alexander, Porter will#World Level.”

So Khan is hopeful a win over one of the fighters he listed will get him his chance at Mayweather, and maybe this will prove to be the case. One man Khan really seems to want is Adrien Broner, the man Marcos Maidana defeated to earn his own shot at Mayweather. Khan feels he can go one better than Maidana and KO Broner:

If@AdrienBroner wants it let’s do it. Maidana knocked him down twice. I’ll knock him out!

As a consolation for the lost (for now anyway) Mayweather fight, Khan could do a lot worse than to face Broner. Broner’s own first choice was a return with Maidana, but he too is not getting what he wants – maybe he will look Khan’s way as he attempts to return to winning ways. On paper, Khan-Broner is a very good, very intriguing fight. Both guys have undeniable skills and both can be explosive and punch. Khan’s speed proves too much for Broner in my opinion, but with Khan’s oft-shaky chin, who knows?

And if the winner were to get a crack at Mayweather, a Khan Vs. Broner showdown would be all that more intriguing and relevant. Yes, I know Broner has said he will never fight Mayweather, but money talks and that fight sure would generate plenty. But if Khan were to defeat Broner (as I believe he would) would the Brit have earned his own shot at “Money?”