Amir Khan: Berto Will Make This Fight Tougher Than People Think

Britain’s Amir Khan, so oft overlooked as an opponent by Floyd Mayweather, still hasn’t given up hope of facing the self professed “Best Ever” next year, as he, like the rest of the world it seems, isn’t sure this will be the last time that Floyd steps between the ropes as a fighter.

Khan, who trains alongside Berto under the tutelage of coach Virgil Hunter, has issued a pertinent warning to those fans who have turned their back on this PPV, such are the low-levels of expectation for anything other than a routine, and visually un-appealing Mayweather victory.

The fight, suffering from low sales across the board, and hit this week over the Floyd IV/TUE scandal, may not be the foregone conclusion people think – at least according to Khan, who expects Berto to enter the ring with numerous game plans and a speed and hunger that Floyd will not have seen for a good long while.

Many are expecting Floyd’s first ‘legit’ KO since Ricky Hatton in 2008, and however long it lasts, Amir expects it to be competitive..

“It would be foolish for Floyd to go in there thinking that Berto is a pushover or an easy fight,” he said.

“I know how motivated Berto is for this fight and have seen all the graft he’s done in the gym during previous camps so he’s going to bring it on Saturday.

“If Floyd does overlook Berto then he’s in for a big surprise because Berto has the power to hurt him. I think no matter what, Berto is going to leave it all in the ring and will make sure he gives the fans an exciting fight.”

Yet Khan won’t be wishing too hard for a Berto win, which is unlikely in the extreme anyhow, as should his team mate pull off the miracle, it puts the skids on the fight and payday he is STILL holding out for, despite Mayweather’s retirement assertions.

In Khan’s mind, 2016 MUST be his year….

“I know Floyd has talked about this being his last fight but I can’t see it,” Khan said. “To beat Marciano’s record when it is touching distance away isn’t an easy thing to walk away from.

“If he gets the win on Saturday then I’m sure we’ll see him in the ring next year. He’s had a great career and will want to end it with a bang, and what better way than beating Marciano’s record.”

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