After Baby Daughter Scare, Tyson Fury Says He Hopes To Begin Training For Third Wilder Fight Today

Even before heavyweight champion Tyson Fury had to go through the simply unimaginable agony of almost losing his newborn daughter, some people were skeptical over whether or not the third fight Fury is set to have with Deontay Wilder on October 9 would actually happen. Then, with Fury’s daughter fighting for her life, Tyson’s father John came out and stated how the fight should be postponed, as family comes first above everything else. Fury senior spoke of how no man can be mentally tuned in to fight a big fight with so much personal stress on their mind.

But today, in taking to social media, the recently turned 33-year-old Fury announced how he aims to be back in full training today. Fury put out a message informing fans he has been for a run and that he hopes to be able to leave the Liverpool hospital where his daughter is still being looked after later on today.

“I’ve just finished a little run this morning, getting it in,” Fury wrote. “Still here at the hospital, hopefully we’ll be leaving today and I can start training camp for the big dosser.”

October 9 is still some time away, a little under eight weeks, so that could give Fury just enough time to get ready. Of course, we don’t know what Fury had been doing in the weeks prior to his daughter being born, and we don’t know how the stress of the whole thing has affected him. But as of now, the three-match is on as planned for October 9 in Las Vegas.

So much has happened since these two giants first collided, seemingly way back in December of 2018. And the return fight, of February 2020, also seems a long time ago now. Who wins the third fight? On paper, Fury has to be the pretty strong pick to win, but during what has been one odd year for the sport of boxing, pretty much anything could happen on October 9.

For now, let’s all wish Fury’s daughter a full recovery.

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    • Why would he make up his daughter being born and in intensive care, or make up anything at all after already beating wilder twice, 3rd one will be easy money. Oh and talking of making things up…….
      Heavy costume
      Water was drugged
      Paid my trainer to throw in the towel
      He put his finger in my ear
      He let his hands slip out of his gloves
      He had metal weights in his gloves
      He put a gypsy curse on me
      Didn’t feel right
      Something was wrong but we will tell you when the litigation is finished

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