Freddie Roach: We Would Like To Fight Mayweather One More Time

08/18/2021 - By James Slater - Comments

Manny Pacquiao and Yordenis Ugas made their grand arrivals in Las Vegas yesterday, with their intriguing welterweight title fight now just three days away. Sky Sports were among the media scrum on hand to welcome the two fighters – one a superstar/living legend/all-time great, the other a slick boxer only hardcore boxing fans have really heard of – and Manny and his trainer Freddie Roach took the time to answer yet more questions.

Interestingly, Roach spoke about what he calls the real possibility of Pacquiao fighting either a return fight with Floyd Mayweather or taking a fight with unified 140-pound champ Josh Taylor.

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“We would like to fight Mayweather one more time,” Roach told Sky Sports. “But exhibitions? No. Manny is not into that. Manny has boxing fans. That’s what we’re after.”

There has been talk of a possible Mayweather-Pacquiao II ever since the bell rang to signal the end of their terribly disappointing “Fight of the Century” in May of 2015. Despite Mayweather insisting again and again that he has zero interest in a return clash with the man he widely outpointed, a good many people have been talking about what would happen in a rematch. Now Freddie seems to think the subject is worth bringing up once again. It would be a huge shock, as in gargantuan huge, if Mayweather agreed to fight Pacquiao again.

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But Freddie also spoke about the possibility of Pac Man fighting Scottish hero Taylor; a fighter who has listed a fight with Pacquiao as his dream fight.

“That fight can happen, for sure,” Roach said with regards to Pacquiao challenging Taylor. “We are just going one fight at a time. The thing about Manny? He is not just going to pick some guy with a high rating because the world loves him. Manny wants to fight real fighters. He will challenge the best.”

There is no denying that. As Pacquiao has said himself, one fight at a time. If we see flashes of the old Pac Man on Saturday night, and if this is enough for the 42-year-old to pick up an impressive win, perhaps a stoppage victory, chances are pretty good Manny WILL fight again. But really, how realistic is it that his future opponent is either Mayweather or Taylor?

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15 thoughts on “Freddie Roach: We Would Like To Fight Mayweather One More Time”

  1. Manny -You might want to give Freddy Roach his last Request -Just out of Respect to fight MayWeather -I would if I was in your Position -I personally would love to see you split Eloy Sprint-Face in half for Lying about his eye surgery -There is no proof and no Doctor that Will Testified to the surgery – His two Champing chip belts must be remove and put them up for the next boxer ,to Winn !!!!

    • Shut the F**k up you ignorant IDIOT!!!! The facts are in about ERROL SPENCES’ Eye. You Dick Face! Before you start to Criticize, LEARN THE FIGHTERS NAMES, AND HOW TO SPELL THEM , Dip Sh*T!!!! 🖕🖕🖕

  2. If pacqiuo wasn’t on steroids in 2014 the last time they fought would have been the rematch floyd would have beat pacman then too floyd is retired he’s a promter pacqiuo had his chance he couldn’t beat floyd was the best is the best pacqiuo got 7 loses been knocked out 3 times brutily he’s not a legend good fighter no legend

  3. If the money is right of course mayweather will be up to it. Thats why he is called: MONEY MAYWEATHER!

  4. If Floyd is older than Manny then when Manny lose a step doesn’t Floyd as well, Clowns

  5. Yes, fight Taylor if no Mayweather or Spence. Taylor has 4 unified belts in junior welterweight, a strong case for your further legacy in boxing. Beating Taylor will make you a two time junior welterweight champion at age 43.

  6. No way FLOYD could handle Manny now..he wants to stand there and bang now that he’s older that’s Manny game

  7. I would love to see another Mayweather Manny fight. THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN MAYWEATHER IS SCARED TO FIGHT MANNY AGAIN. FLOYD IS DONE WITH FIGHTING TRUE CHAMPIONS. HE LIKES TO GET IN THE RING WITH STIFFS. I AM TELLING YOU THAT Pacquiao would beat him today no questions because he’s has been an active fighter Floyd likes to fight nobody’s Manny is a true champion Floyd scared to fight him again I’m picking Maddie in a second fight.

    • If he did it right the first time he wouldn’t need to do it again. I’m a Manny fan but he dominated in there fight. To disrespect Floyd like that is crazy.

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