After A Ten Year Spell, Gennady Golovkin Is Dropped From Ring Magazine’s Middleweight Top 10

By James Slater - 10/21/2023 - Comments

Will former middleweight king Gennady Golovkin fight again? We do not know. For now, however, the 41 year old known as GGG has been dropped from the Ring Magazine middleweight rankings, this after Golovkin had been ranked at the top of the pile by The Bible of Boxing for ten long years.

As reports, GGG was placed as the number-one ranked middleweight way back in June of 2013, this after Golovkin scored THAT body shot KO to take out Matthew Macklin. But now, Golovkin – inactive (perhaps for good) following his September 2022 decision loss to Canelo Alvarez in their disappointing trilogy fight – exits Ring’s Top 10. No in Golovkin’s former spot at the top of the pile is another ring warrior hailing from Kazakhstan, Zhanibek Alimkhanuly.

There have indeed been comparisons made between GGG and Alimkhanuly, and some fans feel the unbeaten Alimkhanuly might go on to achieve great things the way Golovkin did. But even now, at age 41, and with him not having won a fight since April of last year, this a stoppage win over Ryota Murata in Japan, fans want to see Triple G fight again. Golovkin vacated his belts back in March, though, and some saw that move as a sure sign of Golovkin’s though process – of not lacing ’em up again. Who knows for sure, though?

There has been talk of a possible ‘farewell fight’ to be staged in Kazakhstan, and this would be good to see. GGG, after all he gave to the sport, deserves to have the opportunity to exit the sport as a winner. Or maybe Golovkin is merely taking an extended break, one designed to allow his body to rest up and heal from any and all injuries, and he will fight again at the highest level? Again, only time will tell.

But to have been ranked as the NO.1 middleweight on the planet for a full decade is some achievement; Golovkin’s ring career being littered with them. A hugely decorated amateur boxer, GGG went pro in May of 2006 and he went on to become a two-time unified middleweight champion. It was as we know, not until his 40th pro fight that Golovkin tasted defeat; this in his second fight with Canelo. There are, however, plenty of people who feel that, the third battle with Canelo aside, GGG was never truly beaten in any pro outing.

Currently 42-2-1(37) Golovkin has had two previous layoffs that lasted over a year and yet he fought again. Maybe GGG will return some time in 2024?

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