Fury manager Spencer Brown: Usyk vs Fury will go on ‘full steam ahead’ on December 23

By Vladimir S - 10/21/2023 - Comments

In an interview with Boxing King Media, Fury’s manager, Spencer Brown, delved into the behind-the-scenes decisions and discussions leading up to the much-discussed boxing event slated for the 23rd of December. While he addressed various aspects of the deal, the date of the fight emerged as a focal point.

Brown: “Usyk’s mentioned needing a 14-week camp, but I can assure you that’s not the case. I spoke to his management last night, so did Frank and George Warren. We’re full steam ahead for the 23rd.”

The specificity of the date underlines its importance. Could this be because of other potential fights happening around the same time?

“I know because there’s been suggestions that Chris Eubank and Conor Benn may happen on that date..that is a good fight but we’re looking at a generational fight here, a fight that won’t happen again probably for a long time.”

Behind The Scenes

What makes this date particularly interesting isn’t just the fighters involved, but the personalities, relationships, and negotiations that led to its confirmation. Brown goes on to elaborate:

“Once we realized [Usyk] might be a free agent, we arranged a meeting… introduced him to the team, and everything was sorted. We met in London and, after some discussions, got everything done.”

The interactions between the fighters themselves, as highlighted by Brown, are also worth noting:

“Actually, Tyson and Usyk spoke to each other. Tyson invited him after the fight to Morecambe with his kids for a weekend away.”

“Tyson doesn’t hate anybody. The ‘greedy belly’ and ‘rabbit’ things are fun. It’s what we want. But behind it all, there’s respect.”

Such interactions showcase the human side of these fighters, going beyond the usual media narratives.

The Rematch Clause

Brown confirms the rematch clause, emphasizing its dependence on the fighters’ post-fight condition. While confident in Fury’s supremacy, he acknowledges the rematch’s significance, albeit uncertain about the title implications.

“The rematch will most definitely take place… whether all the belts will be on the line for the second fight is doubtful,” he acknowledged, hinting at the intricate planning that goes into such high-profile bouts.

As the conversation winds down, Brown’s enthusiasm for the host location, Riyadh, was visible. He lauds the local team’s hospitality and ensures a seamless experience for fans seeking tickets.

“This place is unbelievable… a happy camp breeds a happy boxer… You’ve got to see the stadium… People need to wake up and have a look at what’s out here,” Brown said, his excitement barely contained.

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