A music video highlights tribute to Mike Tyson

By Rummys Corner - 01/29/2016 - Comments


If you’re an American boxing fan old enough to have followed the sport for around 30 years or so, then you probably remember the excitement generated whenever young Mike Tyson stepped inside the squared circle. An aura of invincibility surrounded him as he left a path of total destruction en route to becoming the youngest heavyweight champion ever.

Tyson appeared like the complete package. He had menacing power, blinding speed, impeccable timing, outstanding head and upper body movement, excellent footwork, solid defense, great stamina, and top notch durability. His explosive power resulted in electrifying knockouts, and his menacing reputation instilled fear into the hearts of his would-be victims. Tyson would unify all three major titles of his day (WBC, IBF, WBA) shortly after turning 21 years old. The sky was the limit for the former prized pupil of the great Cus D’Amato.

Tyson’s would lose the championship in one of the greatest upsets in sports history when he dropped the title to Buster Douglas. Following the loss, Tyson’s life and career headed into a downward spiral surrounded by controversy. In his post prison “2nd career”, Tyson became one of the most divisive figures in all of sports. He was the villain of the boxing world – a role more recently embraced by Floyd Mayweather – where fans either loved him or hating, tuning into cheer for or against him, while others tuned in just to see witness his next crazy antic.

Tyson’s career and life journeys, forever intertwined, create a captivating story of a man who overcame the odds, experiencing triumphant victories and devastating defeats along the way, in what amounts to one of the most interesting figures the world of professional sports has ever seen. Love him or hate him, Mike Tyson was truly one of a kind.

In honor of Mike Tyson, this edition of Rummy’s Corner pays tribute to this former heavyweight great in the form of a music video, which includes highlight clips from the champion’s long and storied career. Please watch and enjoy this music video dedicated to the illustrious career of the one and only – Iron Mike Tyson!