Jermall Charlo: Benavidez has ‘NOTHING to offer me’

By Will Arons - 03/17/2022 - Comments

Jermall Charlo dismissed the idea of fighting David Benavidez this week when asked by Mike Tyson why he isn’t calling him out.  Jermall said that Benavidez (25-0,22 KOs), who no longer has a title, has nothing to offer him.

It was funny to hear Tyson pressuring Charlo, putting his feet to the fire on why he’s not trying to fight Benavidez.

With Jermall’s comment that Benavidez has nothing to offer him, he was essentially saying that he doesn’t want any risky fights unless it’s Canelo Alvarez.

Contrary to Jermall’s comment about Benavidez having nothing to offer him. He has a lot to offer. Fighting Benavidez would be worth more than the seven fighters that Jermall has fought since moving up to 160 in 2017.

Charlo’s opposition at 160:

  • Juan Macias Montiel
  • Sergiy Derevyanchenko
  • Matt Korobov
  • Hugo Centeno Jr
  • Dennis Hogan
  • Brandon Adams
  • Jorge Sebastian Heiland

Instead of wanting a fight with the #1 ranked WBC contender Benavidez, Charlo said he wants to face Canelo Alvarez. That’s the match-up that he’s looking to get in 2023.

In the meantime, Jermall (32-0, 22 KOs) will be defending his WBC middleweight title against Maciel Sulecki (30-2, 11 KOs) on June 18th on Showtime Championship Boxing in Houston.

Mike Tyson: “Listen, man. I’ve been watching you. Who do you want to fight?” said Tyson at Hotboxin.

Jermall Charlo: “The best out there.”

Tyson: “You ever think about Benavidez. Would you fight him?”

Charlo: “I’d fight him for sure.”

Tyson: “They why are you [not fighting him]? Why are they not letting you fight this guy? Everybody is scared of this guy.”

Charlo: “Nah. I just think his value is low and he’s not worth as much. I’d rather fight Canelo. Get one of the best in the world right now that got a belt.”

Tyson: “Why aren’t you fighting Canelo?”

Jermall Charlo: Benavidez has 'NOTHING to offer me'

Charlo: “It’s not like it was when you was coming up. I got to go through managers.

“Tyson: “Listen, you need to start talking about his mother, his family.”

Charlo: “That’ll make him mad and not want to fight me. That’s the difference now.”

Tyson: “It was too friendly [between Jermall and Canelo]. Nah, you’re too friendly. You got to be like Roberto Duran. ‘Give me this, mother f****. Get in the ring. We sign the contract, b****.’

“When you’re in this business, your whole purpose is to crush this world to your feet, man. They’re going to wait until you’re out of your prime before they fight you.

“You should be fighting them right now in the best of your prime. You should be calling them out. I think that too [Jermall is the best], but I need him to prove it.

“The world needs to see him prove it before he goes to a wheelchair or something. What is your brother at? 154? Imagine if Errol Spence went up and fought him? The money they could make. That’s what this is all about.”

Charlo: “They train together, though.”

Tyson: “Let’s fight and get ten million dollars. That’s what my friend do. My friend fights me and helps me help my family. I fought Henry Tillman [a friend of Tyson]. No, he wasn’t taking it easy on me. He already kicked my a** two times in the amateurs.”

Charlo: “We’re the Charlo twins. We’re known for calling everybody out. We’ve called Canelo out for five or six years already.”

Tyson: “Then fight the next best guy, the Mexican Monster, Benavidez.”

Charlo: “He ain’t no Mexican monster. He [Benavidez] ain’t got nothing to offer.”

Tyson: “Everybody is scared of him.”

Charlo: “We’re not scared. We box, we’re not scared of no human on Earth.”

Tyson: “Please call them out. The whole world is looking at you. Call them out.”

Jermall Charlo: Benavidez has 'NOTHING to offer me'

Charlo: “It’s Jermall Charlo, let’s get it. Who want it?”

Tyson: “Name them names, man.”

Charlo: “They know who they is.”

Tyson: “Name them names, please. The Mexican monster.”

Charlo: “Benavidez, we can get in there an tangle.”

Tyson: “Call him some b**** and stuff. Say something else.”

Charlo: “I don’t want to disrespect them to let them know I want to fight them. Mike, it ain’t like that no more. I want to fight the best in the world. Where is the best in the world at?

“Come on. Time is running out. I’m getting a little anxious. It’s time to go. It’s time to get in there with the big boys in the sport. They know who they are.”

Tyson: “You can help everybody else figure out.”

Charlo: “If you’ve got a belt, I want it. If you’re in my way, I want to get you out of my way.”

Tyson: “Who likes to fight and think they’re the best in the world, Charlo would like to fight with them.”

Charlo: “Come f*** with me.”

Tyson: “Meaning Dirrell, Benavidez, Alvarez. Anybody at 168 and 160. Okay, this is your slayer [Charlo].”

Charlo: “We’re right here, we’re waiting.”


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