Canelo Alvarez reveals Eddy Reynoso will pick his next opponent

Canelo Alvarez said last Saturday night his trainer Eddy Reynoso will decide who he fights next, and he’ll go along with his decision. Alvarez says he doesn’t care who he fights, as long as he makes history.

Canelo says it’s got to be a fight that makes history for him pretty much narrows it down to him facing WBC cruiserweight champion Ilunga Makabu next.

Reynoso is the one that came up with the idea of Canelo (57-1-2, 39 KOs) fighting Makabu, but it’s still undecided if the Mexican star will take that fight next May.

The problem is, Makabu has a fight this month on January 29th, and it wouldn’t be wise for Canelo to sign to fight him if he doesn’t know if he’ll still be champion after the defense.

Fans don’t want to see Canelo fight Makabu

Canelo and Reynoso likely won’t change their mind bout taking the fight with Makabu based on the boxing public having no interest in seeing that match-up.

Worn out from watching Canelo fight weak second-rate champions at 168 for the last two years, fans want to see him fight a quality fighter that has an even shot at beating him.

We haven’t seen Canelo take on a proper challenge since his two controversial fights with Gennady Golovkin and his match against Erislandy Lara.

It would be great for the fans if Canelo came up with a New Years’ resolution that he’ll only fight talented opposition, but it might be too much to ask for.

They’ve already proven that they’re bothered by fans being critical about their choice of opponents. As long as fans are paying to see Canelo fight, they’ll pick who they want to, and that likely means Makabu next.

Alvarez says Reynoso chooses his opposition

“I don’t care; I don’t care, really. Whatever Eddy [Reynoso] wants, I’m ready, I’m ready for everything,” said Canelo Alvarez Saturday night in an interview with FOX Sports.

It was interesting to see how defensive Canelo appeared when being interviewed. He sounded like he was on edge over a simple question on who he’ll be fighting in May.

The question shouldn’t have bothered Canelo, but the overwhelmingly negative reaction from boxing fans in his decision to fight the 34-year-old Makabu next may be bothering him.

Canelo Alvarez reveals Eddy Reynoso will pick his next opponent

“I just want to fight the best, and that’s it and make history. I don’t care who is there. I’m ready for anyone,” said Canelo in sounding like he was on the hot seat when asked who he plans on fighting next.

Fans wouldn’t mind Canelo spending the remaining years of his career trying to make history if he were fighting the best guys, but he hasn’t been doing that.

Canelo spent all of 2021 becoming the undisputed champion at 168 by fighting three weak champions from England and a light-hitting American champion with stamina issues.

In Canelo’s last win against Caleb Plant, who sounded like he was begging to be complimented by him during a conversation in the tenth round.

If Canelo had fought the quality opposition that the fans have been demanding since 2018, the matches would be more entertaining.

You can understand why the fans would be upset with Canelo and Reynoso choosing to fight Makabu.

Canelo knows that the boxing world wants to see him fight David Benavidez, Jermall Charlo, Demetrius Andrade, Gennadiy Golovkin, and Artur Beterbiev.

For Canelo to ignore the fans and face Makabu makes him look unresponsive to the public.

It’s like going to a concert in which the entire audience is chanting for the performer to play their favorite song, but rather than paying that number, the singer intentionally chooses other ones just to show that they won’t be told what to do.

Those performers come across as childish and selfish when they do that, and some would say Canelo is doing the exact same thing with his stubborn refusal to listen to his fans.

Canelo has arguably been doing that since 2018, and he’s turned off a lot of fans with his choice of opponents.


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  1. Canelo is a duck n you the one thats on his side.u maybe a bigger duck then he is stupid facts canelo don’t fight anyone that has a chance n he has his list of B’s that you must go by like fight only if you take the fight in short notice canelo is a p.f.p.duckn cherry picking mf

  2. “We haven’t seen Canelo take on a proper challenge since his two controversial fights with Gennady Golovkin and his match against Erislandy Lara”.

    What a ridiculous statement and an insult to respectable fighters like Plant and Saunders, both who were undefeated champions.

  3. The author clearly has a biased standpoint. Canelo fought the champions at 168. Whoever wants to face Canelo should be #1 contender for a belt. Boxers nowadays want easy fights without any risk, kinda what Caleb Plant did ducking every fighter in order to cash-in big. Canelo should look towards fighting challenges and I know he will always deliver.

  4. Trash writer who is obviously a Canelo hater 😂 When Canelo is selling 70k seats and fans are paying PPVs to see him fight how can he says his fans are not happy? He means his haters are not happy because Canelo is the best and he fights who he wants. Weak opposition?! Who wouldn’t be considered weak against Canelo? A fighter who lost his beat twice? ( Benavidez) A fighter who has never unified? (Charlo) A fighter who has fought no one and can’t even fight prime time? (Andrade) 😂 man these haters are the ones who are weak with their excuses for their lame fighters and the reason why they think they deserve a pay day win the the king of boxing 😂

    • canola is goin Down n History as The Biggest Ducking n Forfeiting boxer ovr All !! 2 b The Best , U have 2 Fight The Best !! Unfortunately, canola is Pouting, Running, Stubborn, n Child like Tactics when confronted about Mandatory opponents !!

  5. Canelos biggest reason why he won’t fight better opponents is he’s afraid of losing, but won’t admit it. He even said earlier last year he didn’t want to fight another Mexican. Referring to Benavides, why again afraid opposing. Hes just trying to cleanup the easiest oppositions he can, for history. Mayweather was right in his statement against canelo.

    • I think you are wrong canelo is not afraid of no boxer , canelo can do what its best for him and his legendary career he has nothing to prove. He has beaten every one that he has faced there are lot of fighters that wants canelo they just have to wait in line canelo is the best boxer and he were to face Mayweather now he would knock him out and Mayweather knows it he will not challenge canelo now

    • Benavidez is Mexican American he’s a Chicano you Canelo haters dont ever stop talking trash do you? After he beats benavidez you will say but he’s ducking Charlo then he beats Charlo he’s ducking Goku and all the power rangers. Sit down somewhere goofy.

    • Are you guys are Canelo haters what about Mayweather let’s see his history Mayweather was doing this all is life and even retiring and coming back plenty of times what people didn’t criticize him for doing that even fighting UFC fighters a kickboxer can’t even use his legs Mayweather is a joke a punk ass b**** they can’t even save his daughter from going to prison that’s face talkin all that BS because he has nothing better to do he’s he said he should have one fighter of the year but he’s not even active fighter so how can you win an award

    • Why don’t the better opponents have belts, Benavides could have fought C.Smith or Billy Joe for those belts but he didn’t, all these guys are looking for a payday

  6. This is such a biased write up that it’s laughable. That concert analogy makes no sense. The whole point of a concert is to go see the performers perform. It’s childish to demand a song from an artist and get upset if they don’t play it. They are not there for you, you are there for them. The entitlement from whoever wrote this is hilarious.

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