Canelo On Stable-Mate Frank Sanchez: He Will Sweep Everyone In The Heavyweight Division

01/03/2022 - By James Slater - Comments

Can Frank Sanchez become the first Cuban boxer to win the world heavyweight title? Over recent years, we’ve seen guys like Odlanier Solis and Luis Ortiz try and fail to win the heavyweight crown (Ortiz is still going of course), but no fighter from that island that continues to produce so much boxing talent has managed the big one. But Sanchez, currently unbeaten at 20-0, with the 29 year old having 13 KO’s to his name, might be the man to do it.

Certainly, superstar Canelo Alvarez, Sanchez’ stable-mate, is hugely confident Sanchez will not only win a world title, but that he will “sweep everyone in the heavyweight division.” Trainer Eddy Reynoso, who of course trains Canelo and Sanchez, feels he has a “special talent” with Sanchez. Sanchez was last seen cruising to a dull but wide decision win over late replacement foe Christian Hammer, and while that performance will not have left any fight fan feeling especially impressed or excited, Sanchez (who, unlike so many Cuban boxers, is not a southpaw) has fine boxing skills.

In his win prior to beating Hammer, Sanchez largely dominated Efe Ajagba to win another wide decision. 2022 could be a big year for Sanchez. Canelo for sure thinks his stable-mate will do big things.

“He will be world champion, he will sweep everyone in the heavyweight division, because he is a special talent,” Canelo said to El Nuevo Herald.

While Sanchez himself says he “knocks out Tyson Fury easy,” insisting to ES News how Fury has “no boxing skills.” Sanchez went further, saying he beats Oleksandr Usyk “even easier.”

“Usyk has movement,” Sanchez said, “but he doesn’t have the technique that I do.”

It could be some time before Sanchez gets his chance to prove himself against either Fury or Usyk, busy as the two rival heavyweight champions are for the foreseeable months. But when he gets his chance, if he in fact does so, will Sanchez make boxing history? Has Sanchez made YOU believe he is a future world champion, and a dominant one at that? Or is the jury still out right now?

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21 thoughts on “Canelo On Stable-Mate Frank Sanchez: He Will Sweep Everyone In The Heavyweight Division”

  1. He will in fact , he has too much stamina and moves like a cruiserweight if he gets stronger and trust me he can , he will clean up the heavyweight division easily

  2. Says The Res Headed Step Child Who Ducks Everybody But His Sparring Partners Lol

    • You dumb or what ?
      Canelo is the greatest boxer now and probably ever soon enough…

    • Don’t be a Canelo hater .. he is truly the best, beaten the actual champions in the divisions… Canelo will soon be the greatest ever…

  3. Canelo is following the Mayweather plan starting his own promotion company unfortunately for canelo.
    Frank Sanchez vs Luis Ortiz
    ” The Battle for Island Supremacy ”
    March 5 2022
    Prediction Ortiz wins by 7th round KO sweeps the division what a joke. Canelo your boy can’t even beat the old man make the fight and prove me wrong

    • Mayweather beat canelo when he was 36 and if canelo is so great why he move up to super middle and not stay at middle. He had trouble with oldest middle champ .

    • A true boxing fan has nothing but good things to say about our great boxers its all about talent homeboy Canelo is a great fighter and it jus gets better by his moving on up proves he wants to fight the best he’s great so dont hate on the boxers but love and enjoy the sport

  4. Yea your right ive yet to see that killer instinct. He still has a lot to prove….

    • I will take that bet he will never beat any of the Champions nothing but a bug mouth trying to sell his case

    • Canelo should talk he barely beat a old man that’s why he moved up to super middle. Fury cant box???? Frank u on drugs??

  5. Hes..a joke..bottom..line ..He will lose nexts fight.i dont care who it is..he loses..Rember what I say

    • U comment its just stupid! Whoever he fights next he’s going to loose? Now how do u know that? U either high or a very stupid man! Now which one is it? Lol

  6. I’m not sold on Sanchez. He can box , but he doesn’t seem to have much killer instinct.

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