Anthony Joshua open to step aside “if Money is right”

Anthony Joshua shockingly revealed on Saturday that he’s now willing to step aside to let Tyson Fury face Oleksandr Usyk next for the right amount of money. It’s not surprising that Joshua has had a change of heart about the step side.

It’s fair to say that Joshua realizes that it’s over if he loses to Usyk again. His career will be a dumpster fire, and there’s nothing his promoter Eddie Hearn will be able to do to put it out.

The former IBF/WBA/WBO heavyweight champion Joshua (24-2, 22 KOs) says “respect” comes before money. With that said, if he’s offered the right amount of money, he’ll entertain the idea of stepping aside to let WBC champion Fury (31-0-1, 22 KOs) take the fight with Usyk (19-0, 13 KOs).

It makes sense for Joshua to step aside in terms of business because if he loses to Usyk in their rematch, he’ll lose out on a ton of money he could get in a match against Fury.

Joshua moving aside would guarantee that he fights for the undisputed championship against the Fury vs. Usyk match-winner.

But if Joshua faces Usyk for his three titles in early 2022, there’s no telling whether he’ll win. The money that Joshua will be throwing away by facing Usyk would be enormous, and it would be a risky business move on his part.

“I think people know not to approach me with that rubbish,” said Anthony Joshua to iFL TV when asked if he’s been approached about stepping aside to let Tyson Fury fight Oleksandr Usyk.

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“So, I wanted to make sure I made the smart moves when it comes to this business,” said Joshua on the subject over a step aside. “So for me, if the money is right, we have to look at it. But respect for me has a lot more value than money,” said Joshua.

Surprisingly, Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn hasn’t tried to talk him into stepping aside because it’s the most brilliant move he could make.

It’s unclear how much money Joshua would want for him to step aside. If Joshua talks nonsense numbers, he’s not going to get the money he wants, and it’s got to be realistic numbers.

Joshua’s career will be over with for all intents and purposes if he loses the rematch with Usyk, and the respect that he’s banging on about will evaporate with that loss. Like most fighters that get beaten, Joshua won’t be respected if he gets beaten by Usyk.

If anything, Joshua will be ridiculed by fans, and he’ll be viewed as another fighter ready for the scrap heap after losing 3 out of his last five fights.

“They know not to bring that to me at the minute,” said Joshua about a step aside. “At this stage of my career, it’s not about the money,” said Joshua. “It’s about the respect. You got to look at what I want out of this game. #1 is respect. They don’t got to like me, but they’ve got to respect me.

“In terms of step aside, I don’t know if that goes in line with what I morally stand for. But I want to be known as one of the smartest businessmen as well,” said Joshua.

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  1. I am against corruption, cheating is what has ruined the world’s health. Governments and businesses are ran like the Deontay Wilder vs fury fight crooks.
    Ungodlyness, dirty tricks.

  2. You’re a bunch of spoiled children that never grew up and you want your way. You want Anthony Joshua vs fury,( the potential Shrek look a like ogre ), so my intuition tells me that your next fight you intend to fix is the Oleksandr Usyk VC Anthony Joshua so you can have your way like the weak spoiled children you are.

  3. Two pillow fists, an old fat guy is fury. Put a metal eggweight in his left glove and remove the padding in his right glove and he can make it look like he is championship material. All of those three or four top rated Europeans fighters will lose to Deontay Wilder and Luis Ortiz. Luis Ortiz is an avoided fighter and Deontay Wilder has to be cheated to be beat. European fighters are overated and proven drug cheats, or just not talented enough to beat American fighters. By American, I include mexico and Cuba. So avoid , cheat, and pretend you’re champions are real, they’re not.

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