David Haye says Deontay Wilder can win with healthy right hand

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David Haye believes Deontay Wilder has a 50-50 shot at beating Tyson Fury this Saturday night on October 9th because his right bicep is now healthy.

Besides Wilder now being healthy, the element of surprise is gone for Fury to use his aggressive style of fighting and roughing up Wilder.

Wilder will be expecting Fury to fight aggressively and looking to rough him up on Saturday with rabbit punches, elbows, showing, low blows, and a headlock.

WBC heavyweight champion Fury (30-0-1, 21 KOs) is still the betting favorite to win, but Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KOs) can shock the world with a knockout now that he’s healthy.

Haye points out that what a lot of boxing fans didn’t realize is that Wilder only had the use of his left arm in his last fight with Fury a year and a half ago.

‘The Bronze Bomber’ Wilder’s right bicep was torn in training camp, leaving him with just his left, which isn’t a real weapon for him.

With Wilder’s bazooka right hand out of commission, Fury was able to do whatever he pleased without the worry of getting put to sleep like he was in the 12th round of his first fight with Deontay.

Wilder had bicep injury in last fight

“I think it’s a lot closer the third fight than everybody seems to believing,” said David Haye to Boxing Social on the Fury vs. Wilder III clash on Saturday.

David Haye says Deontay Wilder can win with healthy right hand

“Fury completely dominated the second fight, he had it all his own way. Exactly what he said he was going to do, he did.

“No one can say that’s a fluke in any way shape or form. Wilder on the other hand, boxed horribly. He didn’t get anything going.

“His jab, his movement, and it was just a bad night at the office. He [Wilder] claims he had bicep surgery and that stopped him from throwing his right hand.

“If that was the case, it would definitely contribute to his poor performance. But now apparently it’s all rock solid. His shoulder is healthy, it’s good to go. So we’re going to get a good fight, I think.,” said Haye.

The injury explains why Wilder threw almost no right hands in the fight, and he was letting Fury walk straight in without knocked him cold as he’d done in the first fight.

It’s going to be interesting now to see if Fury assumes he can walk straight in against Wilder, thinking that it’s going to be as easy as pie to batter him again.

Haye: Fury will use the same game plan

“Fury is going to continue the same pressure fighting that he brought the second time around, but this time he doesn’t have the element of surprise,” said Haye.

“Wilder is going to be prepared for him to either box or come at him. I’m not sure how well Fury has done in training,” said Haye.

It’s a given that Fury is going to use his Kronk Gym trainer SugarHill Steward’s recycled game plan fro the Wilder rematch, believing that if it worked once, it’ll work again.

David Haye says Deontay Wilder can win with healthy right hand

Fury not having the ideal training camp

“There were rumors that the training wasn’t going that great, and then the fight got postponed.

“He got COVID and then the well-publicized family issues. Obviously, that would be very distracting for anybody in a training camp.

“From the outside looking in, the fact that he got to Vegas as late as he has at the end of September.

“A three-week training camp in the place you’re fighting isn’t ideal. I haven’t been hearing much positivity coming from Team Fury in the build-up to this particular fight other than it’s going to be a walkover.

“It’s going to be an easy fight. I don’t want the fight. I’m only doing the fight because some panel or some courtroom said I have to do it.

“So here I am doing it. That’s not the right way to tackle a fight like this because Wilder is well and truly up for it.

“Outside of Wilder’s last performance, which was terrible, the 40 before that were pretty good. He’s a devastating puncher and you have to be on your very best game,” said Haye.

Those rumors of Fury being knocked out by Jared Anderson and Efe Ajagab in training camp could be true. Even if they aren’t true, Fury’s physique looks soft and he’s aged. He looks older in the face and the body.

Whatever Fury was doing in the last 20 months, it took something out of him. It doesn’t help that Fury packed on a lot of pounds during his time out of the ring.

Deontay has the one-punch to change the outcome

“It doesn’t take more than one punch for him to change the outcome of a fight,” said Haye. “So I think this fight is significantly closer than anybody else is.

“I’m trying to ignore the last one, and it’s hard, it really is. I’m trying to ignore the last fight they had and look at the first fight because if you look at the last fight, it’s going to be Fury all day long.

“But if Wilder had one arm, if you took away his right arm, he doesn’t have that much outside of that.

“That’s his main weapon, his main weapon is his right hand down the pipe. He’s gotten so many people out of there.

“Once that’s gone, good jab, good hook. Everything else is good but it’s not great. Not like his right hand, which is great.

“If that right hand is back, both fighters have the ability to deck the other. They showed it the last time out.

“They’ve both had two fights with four knockdowns between them both ways.

“So two knockdowns apiece going into fight three. They both could get decked a couple of times in this one as well.

“Fury has shown that he can get back up, and Wilder has shown that he can get back up also,” said Haye.

That one punch is all Wilder might need for him to win this fight on Saturday night.

Fury will have the psychological advantage

“What Wilder does is effective, very, very effective,” said Haye. “The only time it’s not been effective was in his last fight. I

“f that was because his main weapon wasn’t loaded and firing, it makes sense. Now it is.

“We’re going to see what’s going on. A massive psychological advantage for Fury if he uses is right.

“If he just takes it for granted that he’s a better fighter and he’s going to find a way to win, that’s one way of going about it.

“But he might find himself getting buzzed and hurt as he did in the first fight. So, I think it’s a lot more 50-50 than everybody is saying.

“Maybe Wilder looks at it like, ‘I only had a left hand and you couldn’t knock me out. I got stopped because my corner threw the towel in.’ That’s one way of looking at it.

“I don’t agree with it, but in his mind, if he’s justified it and he’s right. Fury wasn’t able to knock him out. ‘He couldn’t knock me out with me only having one arm [left].

“Now I’ve got two arms.’  Fury is going to be significantly ahead in terms of confidence in this fight.

“He’s going to have really good momentum from the second fight. One thing Wilder can do is he’s got the equalizer. He’s got that one big money punch,” Haye said.

Fury will definitely have the advantage in self-confidence going into the match on Saturday, but that might not be enough if Wilder is able to land his big right hand.

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