Keith Thurman tells Spence: ‘You’re running out of options’

Keith ‘One Time’ Thurman says he doesn’t understand where all this hate comes from with Errol ‘The Truth’ Spence. Thurman wants to challenge the unbeaten Spence (27-0, 21 KOs), but he can’t do that with him, vowing never to face him.

Ultimately, what Thurman believes is Spence’s problem is that he’s still bitter about not getting a fight against him from 2012 to 2017.

That was when Spence was chasing after Thurman, asking for a fight but getting nowhere. Now things have reversed with Thurman no longer a world champion, calling out Spence to try and get a fight.

Spence has already given his three-fight timeline for when he departs from the 147-lb division.

Thurman can only be part of Spence’s three-fight schedule if he beats WBA welterweight champion Yordenis Ugas to take his title.

That’s going to be hard to do with Ugas milking his title against light welterweight Fabian Maidana.

Thurman wonders where Spence’s anger is coming from

Let’s see him [Spence] get past the bunny rabbit [Pacquiao],” said Thurman to Fighthype about him and Spence fighting. “I was thinking, why is Errol so mad?

Errol Spence Jr., Keith Thurman - Boxing News

“Why is he guzzling down hatorade? He’s straight chugging it. I’m like, ‘Look, bro. Beef is beef. I’m not beefing. We all get the beef, but I’m trying to really understand what I did to this boy.

“I realized that I didn’t do nothing. Do you want to know the problem? You’re the problem. It’s the interviews. No matter what this boy has done in his career, he can’t get past, ‘What do you think about Thurman?’

“He can beat Pacquiao, and do you know the next conversation he’s going to have to hear? ‘Are you going to fight Thurman? I think he hates that he was in the 2012 Olympics and that I had a little gap before him to make a name.

“That gap, he’s been beating who I beat, stopping people, and knocking out Bundu to make a statement.

“No matter what statement he makes, the next question is, ‘So what do you think about Thurman? I feel that and I feel that can make you juggle down some mother f*** haterade,” Thurman said.

Thurman knows why Spence is upset. The real question Thurman has is why is Spence holding a grudge? That’s the way he is, unfortunately, and there’s nothing Thurman can do about it.

Thurman needs to understand that he only has one chance to get a fight against Spence, and that’s if he can pick up the WBA belt from Ugas.

Again, it’s not going to be possible with Ugas milking his title, perhaps hoping Pacquiao or Spence will fight him soon.

Spence running out of options, says Keith

“Look, I got my family, and I got my desire to showcase my talents once again,” said Thurman. “I’ve been beaten one time. Who’s going to beat me two times?

Errol Spence Jr., Keith Thurman - Boxing News

“I’m one-time beat. Who’s going to beat me two times? I’m not done. I’ve got plenty to give to this welterweight division.

“I don’t think I need to do anything special to try and entice EJ [Errol Spence]. I think it’s a matter of time before he runs out of options to make a legitimate enticing pay-per-view match.

“His first pay-per-view against Mikey [Garcia], it was a wack sparring session people paid for. His fight with Porter, it was good because Porter made it good.

“That’s what Porter does. He makes a fight a fight, and he won the fight. I still don’t see EJ as a dominant pay-per-view force with the way he boxes and his style.

“He’s very picky; he takes his time, he fights his fight. F*** the fans, and I get it, EJ. F*** the fans. Win the fight. Do what you and coach got to do to stay champ, I get that,” said Thurman.

Spence has the following fights against Pacquiao, Terence Crawford, and Yordenis Ugas before he quits the 147-lb division and moves up to 154.

Errol not going all out to impress

“I understand that Floyd [Mayweather Jr] philosophy,” said Thurman. “I’m walking out of this ring, the winner today.

“That’s very important, but like I said, he’s going to run out of options when it comes to making a very exciting pay-per-view fight.”He’s got
Pacquiao, it’s perfect, it’s big. Post-Pacquiao, what you got? You’re running out of options, son.

“If he puts all his life force and energy into not seeing me in the ring, so be it. It was never my intention.

“I always intended to fight him in 2020. This fight that is about to happen, it’s supposed to be my fight.

“If Thurman wins [against Pacquiao], this fight [Spence vs. Pacquiao], never manifests.

“It just doesn’t manifest, right? So only because of me does he get to dodge me.

“So if he really fully dodges me throughout his whole career until the end of it, I’m going to know it’s because of me falling short of a victory in the summer of 2019 and not really because of any other logic,” said Thurman.

What Thurman says about Spence doing the minimum to win his fights is correct, and that makes it hard to get excited about his matches.

If you saw Spence’s fights with Danny Garcia and Mikey Garcia, those were boring matches.

The only reason Spence’s fight with Shawn Porter was exciting is that Porter pushed the fight the entire 12 rounds.

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  1. I concur Keith Thurman needs to stop crying and fight some other fight before asking to fight Spence who He didn’t want to fight when He was on top.

    • Why. Ask the question when you no the answer when he ask to fight Thurman it was no from Thurman camp so the shoe is on the other foot he is paying ya back.

  2. Thurman should get some fights in to get himself in line for a title shot. You shouldn’t just get a title shot because you’re an ex champ. He’s coming off a loss here and he’s asking for a fight w the unified champ. Also, when Spence was asking you for a fight he was up and coming, undefeated and largely deserving of a title fight. Thurman was looking for the biggest purses possible. Now, Thurman is asking for the fight but where’s the reward for Spence? One time isn’t that big of a name outside of boxing aficionados, he’s seemingly at the worst point in his career (he looked bad in his fight prior to Pacquiao), and he has no belt. Keep it moving, get some big wins and look good and then ask for a title shot.

    • You’re the only one sounding like the hater. You ducked Spence. Then after all that 💩 you talked about “the bunny rabbit.” Pac put the beats to you and took your belt. You didn’t wanna see Spence when YOU had the belt. Now you’re trying to take credit for “manifestating” Pac verse Spence because you lost??? You out here sounding like a whole bag of stupid son. Talking out ya ass about HIS OPTIONS. Try focusing on your next opponent and keep Spence vs name out ya cock holster. You hold no title’s, and he don’t owe you a gotdamned thing boy. You played yourself.

  3. Meaning the name ” The Truth ” does not apply anymore? Well than, there is a saying: ” If it’s too hot in the kitchen, Gett Out! “

  4. KT move on dude. Stop the dam crying.
    Move up or down !! Make yourself relevant again so we’d want to see your ducking ass.

  5. Thurman it would be better for you to retire immediately than for you to try to fight E Sand get beat up or knocked out

  6. Dang Thurman Spence tried to fight u plenty of times and got nothing. Now that u have nothing you want to fight him. Makes sense on your end but not his. Sorry dude gon on

  7. The only way I see Keith regaining a Belt is buy moving up to 154 pds. That’s the only way you’ll see Spence face you. Make your move up and grab a belt before Garcia does. Time is not on your side bro. I wish you the best moving forward after everything you’ve been thue with injuries, and still staying in the game. That takes a special human being.

  8. Big George won his title the 2 nd time 20 years After Ali fight at 45. Thurman can also do it by start working and stop talking trash.

  9. I think Thurman needs to go get a title at 154. Once Jermell move out the division, Keith can get a head start and Spence will have to come see him at 154, unless Spence go up to 160

  10. Spence wanted to fight Thurman bad a few years back. Thurman made every excuse possible not to fight him. Now that Spence has the belts Thurman has the nerves to say Spence is scared of him. He just treating you the way you treated him. Get on deck for the winner of Crawford / Porter or just go away.

    • To be the best u have to beat the best …clear the division and move on …unfortunately that should include Bud and Thurman
      In my opinion

    • This is so true. I remember him saying he needed more fights under him and how we need to let the fight manifest but now that you are no longer holding the cards your begging like Spence was and getting the same response that you gave him. He said “hey I called out Floyd and didn’t get it, you just can’t shoot for the top dog” YOU BETTER NOT DUCK ME SON! Then started being the ducker. Seems to me that he only wants to fight when he has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    • You’re absolutely correct. Thurman has his revisionist historical glasses on. Spence doesn’t need him. Hell, Thurman is avoiding Jaron Ennis and Vergil Ortiz. He knows if he loses to either he’s washed out at welterweight.

  11. Keith needs to SHUT THE HELL UP AND FIGHT somebody 😤. Stop crying and fight to earn his respect back!

  12. Thurman is the full sized Broner. Get yourself lined up for a position as an elite fighter, and if he was a challenge for Pacman why wasn’t there a rematch?

  13. Spence needs to concentrate on pac man and only pac man because this will be the toughest fight outside of Crawford so I hope he’s ready for what he’s about to step into

  14. Thurman is straight up lame… talking about retiring if he beat Manny.. Now he playing games… sucka

  15. Thurmans carrer is shaking after pacman beats him,now strategies making a noise in the world of boxing to recover…i dont think so.:)

    • Thurman is just making lousy comments to have at chance to be a champion again. To whoever will win in the Pacman vs Spence bout, will not succumb to his challenge because he is not the top contender for a championship fight.

  16. Everyone on here is forgetting about Bud Crawford!!! That man is a beast!!! In my opinion, he will lay one tine down for the count and he will definitely give EJ a run for his money. But I definitely think Bud is the top boxer in that division, hands down…

    • I totally agree, I think after the Porter fight (if it happens) Bud will get more fight ops from the 2nd tier but it remains a mystery how hard Spence or Pacman will dodge, leaving Bob Arum when his contract expires in Oct. may help.

  17. Yo Talkin fights between the one time – truth? Pacman is still in charge of the ring . bringing the $$ to young fighters .
    Beat the old man first then do the talking after. If the truth can pass the PacMan ? Stop thrash talk beat the man

  18. “None Time” had better worry about his own career, which has been running on fumes since Manny beat him!!!!

  19. Keith needs to be concerned about his own career, which has been running on fumes ever since Manny beat him

  20. I think E. Spence is definitely the top welterweight in His class. Lopez or Crawford would definitely be a good fight

    I don’t think the fans even want to see Thurman and Spence match up🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️

    • Thurman is just trying to grab some more $$$ with talking stupid. Get hit in the head too many time.

    • Call me crazy but Pac-Man is going to beat Spence a$$. Watch and see, by the end of the 3rd round Spence is going to be sitting in his corner with a look of discouragement and discomfort on his face like WTF is going on and why does his little old punches hurt so bad just like Thurman hoping that the old man gets tired in the middle rounds

  21. Thurman is that ex that you were really into at the beginning but realized that it wasn’t worth the struggle, walked away and became better for it but now they want you so bad and you’re like “Nope! I’m good!” Lol!! Let it go dude! Nobody’s interested anymore! Lol!!

    • Thurman has beaten all the top ww Spence has, he lost one fight to and that was to Pacman, how can you bums say he’s washed up now?? How many fights have Pacman lost? Point is that you a$$holes know nothing about boxing, styles make fights and half of you really don’t know what that Really means. I don’t agree with the jaw jacking Keith is doing. But he is at this moment a top ww contender,

    • Thurman has fought how many fights in the last 4 years? Please he needs to be fighting and winning to run off at the mouth like this.

  22. Thurman needs to go fight another has-been… Broner. Khan can fight Kell Brook… Juan Manuel Marquez can fight Miguel Cotto…. Floyd Jr can fight Ray Leonard (who could still kick the crap out of Junior). Let’s get all these nonsense fights out of the way, and pay for REAL fights that make sense, if any of today’s boxers can grow a pair and fight the best of the best. That’s why UFC gets it right from a match making stand point. One promoter, one belt, fight. And when you can no longer make weight or aren’t competitive, you get cut, then time to get a job at the Mall folding shirts.

  23. Whoever wrote this opinion piece..I disagree with the fact that Spence does just enuff to win..gtfoh..have u actually seen him fight? He outboxed a supposedly ” superior” boxer in Mickey and when is the last time “You” seen Danny get beat up like that. People buy the fights because he’s the Truth..not because of the B side

    • Danny got his ass handed to him by Mauricio Herrera in PR. But the judges were bought. Thats when Garcia started being looked at for the “Swift -to run away” fighter he is. I used to LOVE Thurman. But he has done nothing lately and honestly his resume isnt all that. He was inactive so long he is mostly a memory to fans, and apparently other ww. He needs to get some fights in, maybe actually knock some people out again IF he can, and then maybe start barkin. Granted i also think Spence is 100% a Mayweather jr discipline who would be totally ok fighting no one of consequence to keep his titles.

  24. Thurman is going broke and he’s looking for a Hail Mary fight to retire from. Thurman was a good fighter but injuries and inactivity ruin his career. Spence fight should have been made 4 years ago but Thurman duck the hell out of Spence. Thurman nobody wants to watch you fight!!

  25. As a fan of boxing, I want to see great fight, where “WE” the fans call on the fights, not corrupt boxers and corrupt orgaIBF-WBA-WBC-WBO.

  26. Errol is simply reciprocating the treatment you gave him when you had the titles. Fair is fair jergoff!

    • Tired of Thurman running his mouth thinking that gets him the fights he wants. Sounds like Amir Khan. In fact, those two fools should fight. These guys like Thurman, Khan, even Oscar Dela Hoya who run their mouth like they’re relevant, should get the fight they insist they want, under one condition… Winner Take All. That way we insure it’s not just a money grab which it is. Then we’ll see how quick they go hide in the weeds.

  27. Thurman, Thurman you are great fighter no doubt. BUT, stop knocking on that bears door. You had the belt and wouldn’t fight him so back at you… Stop crying over spoiled milk. SORRY 😞

  28. Thurman crying for a fight now, when Spence was tryna get a fight from you years ago and you didn’t give it to tables turned so you gotta live wit it bro

    • One time Thurman.. That’s what he get.. Only one time chance.. Not twice, not thice, but one time..! This is a loser..!

  29. Thurman should fight Mikey Garcia ,give him a beating ,then fight GGG,he should not have lost to pacman /i had him winning ;but KT is still the man ,he may not want to go up in weight /fight politics ;KT fight Terrence Crawford after shawn porter .

    • Your forgetting when Spence was chaising Keith down for I think three or four years and he wouldn’t give him a fight so now he thinks Spence owe him a fight it doesn’t feel to good when the shoe on the other foot

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