Tyson Fury says Deontay Wilder annihilates the other heavyweights in the division

Tyson Fury gave his old nemesis Deontay Wilder a vote of confidence on Monday, saying that he “annihilates” every other heavyweight in the division other than himself.

‘The Gypsy King’ Fury (30-0-1, 21 KOs) believes he’s the only one in the weight class that can beat the former WBC champion ‘Bronze Bomber’ (42-1-1, 41 KOs).

It’s a big compliment from Fury saying that Wilder annihilates all the other heavyweights because it means he can beat Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte.

You’d get a lot of disagreement by the boxing public if you tried to make the argument that Wilder beats AJ or Dillian or even Oleksandr Usyk.

Wilder’s star power has dimmed since last year, and he hadn’t helped himself by returning to the ring to try and bounce back.

If Fury wanted to give Wilder a helping hand, he’d give him the trilogy match that he’s been asking for.

It’s one thing for Fury to say nice things about the former WBC champion Wilder, but it would mean a lot more if he threw him a bone by giving him a chance to redeem himself.

“There can only be one champion, one face, one name – like Deontay Wilder said. But unfortunately for him, it ain’t him because I’ve already smashed him,” said Fury to Behind The Gloves.

“I’ve got no love for Deontay Wilder at all, I think he’s a piece of s***, but I don’t think any of the other heavyweights can beat Deontay Wilder.”

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“There’s only one man who can beat him [Wilder], and that’s me. I think he annihilates the rest of them,” said Fury.

It’s still unknown if or when Fury will need to fight Wilder again after choosing not to give him his contractual rematch after beating him a year ago in February 2020.

The arbitrator is supposed to decide by next month where Fury has to honor his agreement with Wilder or not. It could be that Fury will have to pay him.

It’s a little strange, though, because there’s so much money in the fight for Fury. Perhaps the risk of fighting Wilder again outweighs the money that Fury would get if he took the trilogy with him.

Other than that, it doesn’t make sense for Fury not to fight Wilder a third time when he can make so much dough by doing it.

At this point, we don’t know if Wilder will ever fight again after losing to Fury by a seventh-round knockout in 2020. It’s been 14 months since Wilder’s defeat, yet they still don’t fight scheduled.

There’s too much risk for Fury to fight Wilder again because we saw the brutal knockout that he scored in their first fight in 2018. That was the one where the referee gave Fury a count while he was out cold. Who can forget that oddity?


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  1. See I told you all Deontay Wilder is the best heavyweight champion ever
    Deontay Wilder will defeat fury easily .

  2. Glove tampering by the fury team has allowed the appearance of the WBC belt having been legitimately won .
    Deontay Wilder is indeed the best heavyweight in the current world and that definitely includes this phony phoney farce of a belt holder , fury .
    He will be held accountable by the American boxing law enforcement as he already has by the UK .

  3. Deontay Wilders long standing law suit may force fury to honor the rematch clause whether he wants to or not

  4. There’s no man that can beat him . Not yet , loudmouth fury has a big fat mouth . If you think you can beat him then do it within the queensbury rules of boxing .
    If you want a bare knuckle right the terms should be payed out in the contract . You want metal loaded gloves padding removed it should be in the contract .
    You don’t get to fight bare knuckle with your opponent having padding in his gloves anymore .

  5. Yes we all agree boxing is corrupt and this was an open crime against Deontay Wilder the bronze bomber , the best heavyweight champion that ever lived without question.

  6. Mr. Jeremy Moore ,
    I believe there’s a strong possibility a j. , In the first fight with Andy Ruiz, was drugged Deontay Wilder was surely drugged in the second fight
    ….. Deontay Wilder is right fury had to.cheat him to beat him .

  7. Hey Ken ,
    How in the hell do you figure fury got robbed in the first fight ?
    Deontay Wilder won both fights easily . You aught to be ashamed of yourself . supporting a cheater like that .

  8. Excuses , excuses , excuses one excuse after another why fury won’t fight Deontay Wilder with untampered.gloves .

  9. Hey Tboy ,
    .fury can’t fight he cheated in practically all his fights , he got caught do many times they permanently indefinitely suspended his license in the UK .
    He loses his gloves withmetal objects .
    fury’s bisexual n, watch Daniel Pena utube channel ,” boricua zionist nation . ”
    ” Is tyson fury a fighting man or a macho man . “

  10. Hey Jeremy moore ,
    Pandemic my arse there’s been lote.of.big dollar fights .
    Deontay Wilder has everyone nervous and training harder than ever .
    fury cheated with klitschko refusing to rematch him as well and got stripped of the belt . Klitschko was going to hurt fury and that someone who can do some damage .

  11. Hey paleface ,
    Deontay Wilder is the best heavyweight champion that ever lived without exception .
    Mike had great skill but couldn’t fight tall men . Lennox lewis is an example .

  12. No.ñw fury is.saying Deontay Wilder is the greatest heavyweight champion , no one can beat him .
    I barely cheated enough with metal loaded gloves to make it look like I won . I won’t fight him again because he is possessed by the demon the bronze bomber and he may kill me .

  13. The author works for ESPN and most of their journalism is the best except for Max ( blind as a bat ) , kellermann .
    So it must be you.who.needs to educate himself . Watch, “boricua zionist nation ,” and the utube channel by Daniel Pena
    This would be a good place to start .

  14. Ken , in case you haven’t seen or heard of furys legacy of cheating . Let me be the first to enlighten you . See , fury was accused of cheating by doing the same exact thing that had his license permanently indefinitely suspended in the UK .
    Remember those fancy gloves that disappeared ? The ones that flopped.all.over.the.place.?
    The ones that Ricky hatten had no class when he pulled them down on camera ? Well apparently the left glove had an egg weight sticking out of it in a photo , and the right glove had no padding in it .
    fury has only knocked out 3 of his opponents . Deontay Wilders team gathered evidence and prepared a law.suit . The case went first to mediation and then arbitration in hope.of avoiding a law.suit .
    And that’s why a. j. and fury have postponed the fight until september , that’s 2 years without a WBC title defense and for everyone else the limit is at one year without a title defense the title is stripped .
    fury cant fight and got his arse whooped in both fights .
    Deontay Wilder exersized the option rematch clause before expiration and through no fault of his own the fight didn’t happen .
    Deontay Wilder wants to fight and fury was last week holding on to his hat running towards the nearest exit with a. j. jockeying for position on their way out .
    Frightened horrifically and crying , ” waaaaaa waaa mami mami me no.wanna fight Deontay Wilder with padding in my gloves.waaa.waaaa .”

  15. Is the author of this article actually insane or trolling? Tyson will make way more money fighting AJ than Wilder. He got robbed in the first fight and destroyed him the 2nd time. Also…how did Fury make the 10 count of he was knocked out cold…lol

    • You’re absolutely right Ken , fury can’t fight a lick and Deontay Wilder will beat him pilar to post .
      It takes a big man to admit when he is wrong .

  16. Christians all want to go to heaven and sit by just side as the church teaches us .
    We all want to live and fury won’t do anything to hasten his death .
    So fury will wait the two years to fight anyone but Deontay Wilder .

  17. a. j. fury. Is tentatively scheduled for September .
    That means a. j. would have only 8 months inactivity while fury will have been inactive for 2 years.

  18. The rest of you should know as well in a few months .
    That Deontay Wilder sure is a forgiving feller

  19. I guess you are not allowed to discuss the arbitration either . That’s why I he deleted comments . Sorry I am not a lawyer so I didn’t know .

  20. These comments are riddled with people that are knowledgeable about boxing . And deserve to be commented for their loyalty .
    How can you call yourself the best if you are not willing to fight the best ?

  21. How has a year and a half passed so quickly ?
    How long does fury have to defend the belt ?
    Everyone else has 12 month before they are stripped of the WBC belt .

  22. Jon fury is upset , a year and a half lay off is taking it’s tole financially on the fury estate .
    Don’t count out a fair fight with Deontay Wilder .
    A fair fight with Deontay Wilder will yield a positive cash flow statement and reduce cost basis .

  23. Bob , ” excuses and delusional ” , are words that have been taught to fury supporters by the mainstream media channels . Those expressions have grown old and tired . Can’t you think for yourself ?
    If you are deceived by these bumbling carnival barking sideshow con artists there’s no saying any more .

  24. Ben Gillum ,
    I am tough .
    We are not talking about me vs fury , we’re talking about Deontay Wilders vs fury .
    Deontay Wilder is pure boxing royalty with longevity and a legacy of unparalleled class .
    He has just begun .
    Watch , you will see . God willing .
    Deontay Wilder is going to do things no one has ever done before .

  25. Mr. Riatanon,
    Yes just about everyone has had some sort of martial arts experience .
    This vale todo mixed martial arts now days will straighten out the stuff quickly .
    All you need is three months of training and you will beat into submision any black belt or boxer .
    And it doesn’t matter if you are a baby face who looks young .
    They amaze me all the time , fighting with a broken arm and stuff .
    And they won’t tap out .
    Just incredible .

  26. Eman ,
    fury cheated in both fights . If you haven’t seen the evidence , you aren’t looking .
    Jack Reiss said he thought Deontay Wilder won the fight .
    I will give you the evidence if you are too stubborn or unable to find it for your self .
    Being born int a boxing family , fury can’t help box a little . He attempts to plagerize Mohamed Ali , ( foot work ) , Roy Jones jr ( chicken move ) , Barnard Hopkins ( sticking out the tounge ) , all that shaking of the backside they don’t score points .
    fury is awkward , clumsy and uncoordinated , he is slow and lacks power .
    fury has only knocked out 3 opponents since the inception of his professional boxing career .
    Sugar hill is a punk as well who can’t teach a veteran like fury a damn thing except how to cheat a little better .
    fury had his license permanently indefinitely suspended in the UK for doing exactly what he did in America . Same old tired stuff .
    He has destroyed his body from excessive drug use
    Premature balding from steroids , and his internal organs are damaged too.
    He won’t last long , he will age fast .

  27. If Fury says that about Wilder it shows he definitely hasn’t seen AJ or Andy Ruiz, I don’t think Whyte has the chin, neither does AJ but AJ has lots of skills and loves to fight throws alot. The others mentioned aren’t even on these guys levels, Whyte is but his chin and defense gets hit too much

  28. 1st of all anonymous should change his name to karen. It’s true that Wilder has unique power but hes a one hit wonder. Fury is the far better boxer ,and in my book though he was knocked Down in the 1st fight I felt Fury outperformed Wilder .The draw was fair.Now in the 2nd fight fury figured out what he needed to do and waxed Wilders ass.

  29. Motorcitycobra ,
    Sir , there’s no crack pipes around here .
    Let me inform you about who you’re addressing .
    I am a veteran of hundreds of bare knuckle fights . Over fifty years of martial arts experience , and I can’t count the number of street fights I have been in . All in self defense only .
    I am a healer ( with plants ) , who eats once every day or every two or three days .
    Street smart and top ten university educated .
    This fury is a young punk , and a phony and everyone knows it .
    So why don’t you grow up and be true to yourself for once if nothing else .

    • That’s nothing bro I know boxing and karate and I’ve mastered martial arts and grappling submissions, I’m so quik they ask who hit me and some actually swear they got jumped by many when it’s just me myself and I, deceiving because I look innocent and no facial expression people laugh when they point to me as the one.

  30. This is a rare website that has aforded all to voice what’s on their mind .
    They are to be respected for the quality of their journalism as well.

  31. Mr. Dean Kerrins ,
    You’re absolutely correct .
    By God , I mean what I say .
    The Canastonia New York international boxing Hall of fame committee disagrees with you .
    Do you know who that is ?
    Harold letterman , Laila Ali , macho camacho jr , Roy Jones jr , Bernard Hopkins and many more .
    Deontay Wilder is an olympic games metalist , a Hall of famer a 100 percent knock out record , ten title defense in five years , and the first time he put on the gloves he was 21 years old .
    Floppy gloves , bare knuckles clearly visible fingers imprinted on the gloves and every dirty illegal tactic in boxing saved this fella who cheats so bad the UK suspended permanently indefinitely his professional boxing license .
    Get the f******* out of here with that imbecility .

  32. I am frustrated with all of you .
    Deontay Wilder will knock out fury in the first round like he did Brazeal .
    fury knows that , that’s why he is pretending to be mad about gypsy’s being insulted .
    The only reason fury would make it to the later rounds will be so that Deontay Wilder will punish him .
    Remember Ali ?
    ” What’s my name . “

  33. In don’t know why the queensbury rules of boxing were enacted enceptionally , ( in the first place ) , it they weren’t intended to be inforced .
    This is a twisted perturbed mess .
    Cheating tactics after corrupt disegenuous myopic actions one after another .
    UK grew tired if those same old chennegene cheating tactics long ago and stripped fury of his professional boxing license .
    Deontay Wilder is the best heavyweight champion ever , fury is an uncoordinated fat slob at best .
    A drug addict who uses illegal drugs steroids and enhancement drugs , diet pills and Deontay Wilder still beats him easy .
    fury has never passed a drug test .
    In Europe you get a medical exemption for low testosterone levels and it’s okay , even post fight .
    Sign the contract , inforce the rules and the you will see what really would happen .

  34. Yes maybe there was a lot of gambling losses from the gullible unsuspecting fan base .
    Do ya think ?

    • Fixed what part I’m not sure you understand what goes into each sides locker room. If it was fixed almost all of wilders side would have needed to be involved. So no not fixed just got beat by a much better boxer.

  35. Win the round ?
    You don’t get points for sticking out your young and shaking your backside .
    Deontay Wilder won the round and both fights .
    Deontay Wilder has finished the cheat .

  36. Well it’s a good thing the ref gave Fury that count when he was down because he got up in time to beat it and come back and win the round.

    • Barny ,
      The ref you refer to have 30 Seconds of recuperating time total confirm , he was out cold .

    • Barney ,
      Jack Reise is known for early stoppages .
      Jack Reise said after the match that he thought Deontay Wilder won .

    • Reise. Jack Reise is how you spell it.
      In the UK we have almost every brainwashed , idiotic fan use the word diluted .
      The American won both fights easily . The UK suspended permanently fury’s license indefinitely . Suspended for those same old chennegens over and over again . Spiking water , glove tampering , cocaine , bribery , steroids .
      fury’s done , it’s over Deontay Wilder is clearly a superior fighter .
      The same exact thing happened with klitschko who claimed spiking water , he was so pissed off fury refused to fight him out of fear .
      Same old chennegens over and over again .

    • Is it Barney
      Or Blarney ?
      fury cheated with floppy gloves flipping and flopping around all over the place . He had an egg weight sticking out of the left glove and no padding in his right glove .

  37. 13 boxers on an average die in the ring every year .
    Deontay Wilder already stated he wanted to catch a body and was reprimanded for it .
    Deontay Wilder wants to beat fury like a rented mule .
    Remember Ali ?
    What’s my name? What’s my name ?

  38. Wilder is an idiot. He shouldn’t have made a bunch of excuses. He got beat. Nobody cheated he just wasn’t the better boxer that day. Simple as that.

    • Say mo money ,
      Deontay Wilder has documented evidence clearly and irrafutable presented in court .
      That’s why fury is in check .
      They’re not doing it for nothing .

    • Fury is a drug addict, cheater, an opportunist. Got beaten by Wilder in the first match. The rematch perhaps was fixed that’s why the issue of tampering his glooves was ignored. Chicken and out weighted so called boxer. ‘ Why can’t him honor the contract if he knows his worth?

      Wilder is the best of the present heavyweights ,five years of successful defense of the belt.

    • Mo money ,
      Deontay Wilder is a much better boxer than fury . He has cleaner punches they are faster and more powerful .he only knocked out 3 opponents since the inception of his professional boxing career .
      This guy loads his gloves with metal loaded gloves padding removal and horse hair repositioning .
      This is against the queensbury rules of boxing .
      That’s why he will never fight Deontay Wilder .

  39. Michael collins know what he’s talking about .
    Deontay Wilder must force the law to back off these cowardly criminal actions and prove he was cheated by outclassing the interloping phoney imposter calling himself the deserved victor .
    May goodness prevail and may god bless Deontay Wilder in continuing his legacy and building of a legend .

  40. Who’s the moron who wrote this article? There was no knockout of Fury in the 2018 fight. It was scored a draw in a fight that Fury clearly won.

    Wilder is the one afraid of Fury. No point in Fury fighting Wilder again unless Wilder gets a couple solid wins and is a real contender again.
    Fury has already crushed him.

    • Jon , an american won both fights . You get over it .
      If you disagree with me .
      Watch Daniel Penas ,”boricua zionist nation utube channel .”
      fury had an egg weight sticking out of the left glove and no padding in his right glove .
      God bless America , the greatest nation in the world .

    • No knockout? What fight did you watch? Wilder knocked fury down n out, the referee gave fury an extended count. What makes fury so special he doesn’t have to HONOR there contract? Bet your ass if it was the other way around Wilder would give that pos another shot, like he has a number of his opponents. fury keep your punk ass over the pond. If you can’t keep your word then you are nothing…

    • Fury admitted that he was unconscious for a very brief moment in their first fight. Fury has been successful because of his size and reach.

  41. What are you people talking about? If Fury actually cheated, you understand the Wilders camp was in on it? And that the association running the fight would also have to be in on it? Dirty should have won the first fight, he donated the second fight. Wilder is exciting, but he isn’t a good boxer. He has insane power, but that only matters if you connect. Fury’s camp out together a perfect plan, executed perfectly. Get over it, Wilder lost.

    • Deontay Wilder started boxing at 21 .
      Deontay Wilder went on to bronze metal in the olympic games.
      Deontay Wilder became champion by knocking out every opponent placed before him .
      Deontay Wilder was inducted into the canastonia new York international boxing Hall of fame having defended his belt 10 times in 5 years .
      fury is what Americans call Eurotrash , his license was suspended permanently in the UK for bribery , glove tampering , failing drug test , fighting under the influence of enhancers , steroid’s , spiking water , and is currently facing criminal charges .
      He ( fury ) , vacated the title and wouldn’t fight klitschko who was pissed over allegedly spiked water .
      And he is documented as being up to the same old chennegens during both fights with Deontay Wilder .
      If you think Deontay Wilder can’t box , there is one way to find out .

    • No sir Mr. Anonymous smarty-pants . fury cheated in the UK so much they suspended his license permanently for doing the same exact thing as he pulled off here in America .

    • Wilder such a chump he blames his own man and his own corner of spiking his water his own guy what kind of guy does that you lose you lose take it like a man is going to lose again he’s a can’t Box

  42. Until further notice Deontay Wilder is still going of the heavyweight division , the people’s champion .

  43. Deontay Wilder deserves equal protection within the law , he most certainly has not received it .
    Give that man back the belt , fix his record , strip fury of the WBC belt , fine and imprison him .

    • Wait….I thought Wilders trainers spiked his water and his suit was too heavy??? Lmao. God be with deontay if they fight again.

  44. fury has never had a title defense before .
    He vacated the title last time over allogations of water spiking , bribing referee’s , failing drug test , went onto a mental institution and got jailhouse religion .

  45. Why have you not fought for a title defense ?
    The WBC requires a title defense every12 months , it’s been 14 months .

  46. Furry would be financially crazy to fight D.W right now, why risk a loss, because in my opinion D.W will knock out Furry if they fight again, D.W is only getting better and more coordinated, I don’t care who he fights next, D.W is going to knock out the next 3-5 a opponent’s, saying that , my favorite boxer is Tyson Furry and I believe he beats A.J easily, so be smart Mr Furry and think about your family’s future and save D.W for last , you will make a fortune beating everyone else, no different than what Floyd Mayweather Jr did with Manny Pac-Man, Floyd waited until everyone was dying to see them fight and they both made more money on that one fight than they made in ther entire career, plus Mayweather new Manny was at the point of his career that Manny was way past his prime , meaning Manny is a fighter boxer and took a thousand hits to the head and although Mayweather is older , Mayweather is a boxer and is the best defensive boxer to ever to enter the square circle, and he’s a genius in and out of the ring , and I don’t care if he went to high school or not, he’s self educated and is just as smart as any college student that spent 4 years studying business, it may have took him 20 years to get that way, that is my personal opinion, im sure all the F.M. Jr haters will say he’s this and that and that’s ok , everyone has a opinion, and what I wrote in this article was my personal opinions
    about boxing and the boxers, not about who’s a good or bad guy.

    • Yes fury would be financially crazy to fight Deontay Wilder now , he would be considered crazy not to fight Deontay Wilder now as well .
      The option rematch clause was exercised before the expiration date and the fight didn’t take place through no fault of Deontay Wilder .
      Judge Stanley Allen Bastian will uphold the rematch .

  47. Deontay Wilder was taking it out of the judges hands .
    That’s why he was set up with cheating tactics .
    He was inducted into the hall of fame because he broke all of the records .

  48. Fury knows he cheated, and now he’s running
    Since you beat Wilder fair and square, why not fight him again for a 40 mil purse.
    Dude is a coward, Imagine not fighting another human being for 30 mil, smh.

  49. How come nobody talks bout fury haveing something in his gloves when they fought or is that just something wilder was complain on you tube about ??

    • Yes fury.had an eggweight in his left glove and no padding in his right glove .
      Daniel Penas, “boricua zionist nation .”
      Utube channel
      ” Is tyson fury a fighting man or a macho man ? “

  50. fury can’t ever fight in the UK .
    He is suspended permanently indefinitely for doping opponents , failing drug tests for enhancers , steroids , cocaine , bribery , cheating .

  51. Yeah , that fella was out cold. , The referee said Deontay Wilder won even though the count was 30 Seconds long .

    • Count for yourself it was close but good ref let him go. If you ever boxed you know you have to take it out ref hand. Like I said count yourself close but good ref let it go

  52. When judge Stanley Allen Bastian rules in favor of the rematch , I want to see the fight held in madison square garden .

  53. Deontay Wilder is a canastonia new York international boxing Hall of famer .
    Deontay Wilder is the best heavyweight champion ever living or dead .

  54. Bro u are so biased. Saying fury was knocked out cold? What a joke. If he was knocked out cold then why were his eyes closed for two seconds max before he opened them and got up. Rocked and hurt for sure. Knocked out? Not a chance. I think u need to stop wearing your emotions on your sleeve so much haussy.

  55. Fury is scared of Wilder because he knows Wilder was hurt when they fought for the second time and as far as AJ goes he is not even close to the Bronze bomber

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