Ivan Redkach wants Adrien Broner or Shawn Porter in the fall

By Rob Smith - 07/20/2020 - Comments

Ivan Redkach says he’s interested in facing Adrien Broner or Shawn Porter in the fall if they’re game. Redkach says he’ll knock out Broner, who has been trading trash talk with him on social media lately.

Redkach feels that he shouldn’t be disqualified from getting the Porter fight just because he lost to Danny Garcia last January.

Ivan points out that Porter lost his last fight in September last year to Errol Spence Jr, so both guys are coming off of a defeat.

Redkach calls Gervonta “unprofessional”

“Gervonta was late for an hour, and he was unprofessional and the way he looked,” said Redkach to Behind The Gloves. “He didn’t change his clothing or anything. The deal was for six rounds, and after three rounds, he looked already like he was tired because he had to jump a lot.

“Ivan is taller, and Gervonta doesn’t look like he’s his weight. He’s kind of chubby. He was breathing very heavy by the end of the third round. His manager was the one that made the rule. He told us no recording.

Ivan Redkach wants Adrien Broner or Shawn Porter in the fall

“By mutual agreement, both parties agreed not to record. Close to the end of the fourth round, Gervonta hit Ivan on the back of his head. At that moment, he [Ivan] lost his balance a little bit. At that time, his manager recorded from the corner those 30 seconds.

“And by the end of the recording, Gervonta left the ring right away. The agreement was for six rounds, and he didn’t even finish the fourth round,” Redkach said.

It sounds like Tank Davis didn’t take the sparring seriously with Redkach. We don’t know what happened in the first three rounds of the sparring, and it’s possible that Redkach was a little too competitive with Tank.

For Tank’s team to begin filming in the last part of the 4th round, it could be that things didn’t go well for him in the first three rounds. Ivan and Gervonta were supposed to spar a second time last Monday, but Tank didn’t show up.

Redkach waisted in the morning for Tank to show, but he gave up when he failed to show.


Tank didn’t wear a mouthpiece during sparring

“Right after the recording of the 30 seconds, he left. He just recorded this video for Instagram, and then he left.

“There were more seconds left in the fourth round, but he left the ring right away. During the sparring session, Gervonte was talking too much.

Ivan Redkach wants Adrien Broner or Shawn Porter in the fall

“He was talking like, ‘Look at me. I’m better than you are. I have this; I have that.’ He was chewing gum all the time. He didn’t even bother to wear a mouthpiece.

“I’ve been in a lot of campaigns with different boxers and champions, and I’ve never seen such disorganized and disrespect from any fighters like Gervonta behaved.

“I think it’s going to put him down because people have seen how he behaves with females, which is unacceptable, including in the boxing world. He has to fight his attitude first,” said Redkach.

It looked like Gervonta Davis was tired by the fourth round, and that’s the likely explanation why he left rather than completing the full six rounds.

There were a lot of illegal punches thrown to the back of Redkach’s head in the fourth round. Whether that was intentional or not on Gervonta’s part is unknown.

But the reason why Redkach lost his balance during the fourth round was clearly due to the rabbit punches that Tank Davis was hitting him with.

Broner and Redkach were supposed to fight

“We were supposed to have a fight a year ago in November or December of last year, but the promoter was waiting for him to bring himself in shape, but unfortunately he didn’t make it, and he didn’t try that hard,” said Redkach on Adrien Broner.

“We were supposed to have a fight last year, but then Broner said he’s going to retire. But even the manager of the promotional company was worried he wouldn’t bring himself in shape.

“He’s going to put him down, and the promotional company isn’t going to look well. That’s what happened. He’s [Broner] keeping silent right now, but I’m hoping he brings himself to the gym, he’s going to work out and do his best,” Ivan said.

Broner not being in shape doesn’t surprise this writer because he balloons up in weight when not fighting. It’s a good thing Broner didn’t take the fight with Redkach, as he would have embarrassed himself if he missed the weight.

Broner needs to fight someone if he wants to keep his career alive. He’s not going to get a fight against any of the big names at 147 because he’s already lost to Manny Pacquiao, Marcos Maidana, Shawn Porter, and he arguably deserved defeats against Adrian Granados and Jessie Vargas. At 140, Mikey Garcia beat Broner as well.

Ivan vows to knockout Broner

“My goal is to have a fight at the end of the year,” said Redkach. “I’m ready for any fighter. My target is Shawn Porter, and both of us need that fight, and I hope that’s going to happen.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s going to be a fight with Adrien Broner or Shawn Porter, and I promise it’s going to be a great fight and a great show, and people will love it.

“Shawn Porter in his last fight, he lost too. I lost to Danny Garcia; it was a close fight. It was a good fight. It was a great experience for me. I’m ready for a great fight with Shawn Porter.

“It’s for sure an entertaining fight. Shawn Porter is no boring fight. Boxing fans love this fight. October, November, or December, it’s a good time.

“Adrien Broner, when you see this video, I’m going to knock you out. I promise. Just get in good shape and show your respect,” said Redkach.

Redkach may beat Broner if that fight comes off this year. Broner doesn’t keep himself in shape in between matches, and his work-rate is too low.

Redkach would take advantage of Broner’s anemic punch output, and possibly beat him by a decision. Broner might get lucky with the scoring as he did against Adrian Granados and Jessie Vargas, though.