George Foreman On Bruce Lee: He Could Have Been A Boxing Champion

07/21/2020 - By James Slater - Comments

Quite a few great fighters were and are hugely influenced by martial arts king Bruce Lee. Sugar Ray Leonard says he wanted to be just like Lee, Lennox Lewis and other fighters watched Lee’s fight scenes before a fight to get pumped up, and now, heavyweight living legend George Foreman has featured in the new book that has been released on Lee.

As per a story from UK paper The Sun, Foreman contributes to the new book: “Bruce Lee: The Life Of A Legend.” And what Foreman had to say about the man who gave the world the ‘one-inch punch,’ and all those great action movies, shows how much “Big George” thinks of Lee and his amazing talents.

“Bruce Lee was a good athlete and he could’ve been a good boxer,” Foreman is quoted as saying in the new book. “He could have been anything. In his weight class, he would have been a boxing champion. I remember I was in Hawai in 1973 and I wet to see the movie Enter The Dragon. When I walked out after the movie, on all my back I had chills on me! I was the heavyweight champion of the world, by the way, but all I could think was, wow! I was in shock. He left all the audiences awestruck. Bruce Lee changed everything.”

Lee was an incredible physical specimen, with almost super-human speed and reflexes. But could he really have been a world champ in boxing? At around 135 pounds, Lee, had he been looking to win a world title in boxing the 1970s, would have had to have fought………Roberto Duran! Now, how interesting would that fight have been!? Of course, being great in martial arts such as Wu Tai Chi Chuan and Judo and Kung Fu is one thing (actually a few things; Lee also inventing Jeet Kune Do) – but boxing is a different sport entirely.

Still, Dream Fights are pretty popular subject matter right about now, and what a Dream Fight a Roberto Duran-Bruce Lee fight really is! Come on, live a little, and make a call on who would have won and how?